Monday, October 18, 2010

Day before Class

Mom's getting nervous about our class tomorrow - she's hoping I don't show any signs of my back problem. I told her I am ready and for her to stop worrying!

We fixed 5 of my jumps this weekend and added jump cups (Dawn told us about this website awhile ago and we just got around to doing something about it) so that those 5 jumps are all 12" and the bar will come down if I hit it. Mom wants to be able to monitor my jumping a little better and also teach me that if I knock a bar, it's not the end of the world and I should go on (if I knock bars in trials, I get all weirded out).

Here is the video of me trying the jumps out today - my first time doing more than two jumps in a row since September 26. Do I look ok? A couple times mom thought she saw me add extra strides. Might just be my jumping style though since I am a cautious, want-to-get-it-right kind of dog.

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

I thought he looked ok. I bet class tomorrow will be the true test. Don't feel bad about doing class at 8 inches. I still do 8 inches a lot with Oreo, especially if I know we are going to be doing a lot of jumping.

Sagira said...

Good luck at your class! I am sure you will do just fine. :)

Dawn said...

You look good to me...but class tomorrow will be the best way to tell, your instructor will watch I'm sure, to see if she sees anything. It's hard to see anything when you're running isn't it!

Diana said...

He looked good to me. I guess you will find out tomorrow. I know how you feel about being worried that every thing isnt alright. Im worried about running Miley too. Diana

Kathy said...

Good luck in class, I thought Ricky looked good, it is so hard after they are coming off an injury .....I know with Breeze esp I watch every little thing and then I worry I am watching too closely, I worry I am not watching closely enough, it really is stressful for me anyway. You seem to have a much more level head so once you get into it I am sure you will get a good idea how he is feeling, but he looks good today!