Sunday, October 3, 2010

Training Challenge #9 (hard to really call this a training challenge but we're going to instead of just not posting one this week)

Many of you have already been faced with this training challenge or are also facing it right now the same as us. The challenge - no training! And dealing with baby gates and stairs! LOL! We live in a split level house - it's upstairs to the bedrooms and downstairs to the lower level, the garage and the backyard. I usually go up and down these stairs 500 million times a day. Since I am not allowed to do stairs for 14 days (10 more to go - we started counting over when I got the Deramaxx), mom carries me up and down and up and down while moving the baby gates from top to bottom and back.

The no training part of the challenge is really difficult for us! We miss it so much! I jumped my last jump a week ago. (I feel for all of you who have been in rehab for so long - like Miley). We try to work on tricks, etc. but it's hard to keep me from boinging (reminds me of Oreo when he was going through his 3+ months of rest and rehab). Mom started to teach me some crate games - we don't have the official Susan Garrett DVD but we watched this video to get an idea of how to start:

We are also still working on recalls to heel on the flat but just in the house and over a very small distance. I am driving toward mom better now - of course because I am dying to do something!!

One thing is for sure - this week's training challenge definitely meets the criteria of "out of our comfort zone"!

Gotta zoom (I wish)!



Sam said...

I missed your post about your trip to the vet (er, her house!!), but went back and read it and I think that rest will do you good. I hope it, along with the Deramaxx, does the trick!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Hard as it will be, woo need to keep your mom khalm fur all those days!

Good lukhk!


katie said...

Poor Ricky! That is a challenge for you! Well, sort a "no-training, training challenge".;)) I hope you feel better soon. I know after each of Maizey's knee surgeries last year we got cabin fever from not being able to keep to our schedule. She just really hated it!

BTW your mom? She gets lots of thumbs up for carrying you up and down those stairs so much!

Can I use Magnus as part of our training challenge? I have a post to do for this weeks challenge, but it is mostly out of my comfort zone, as nothing seems to be too much out of his!LOL I will put it up tomorrow if that is ok?

Priscilla said...

I'm so sorry that you have to not jump for another 10 days! Must be crazyyy!!

Well, just think that all those tricks and games your mom is going to teach you will still keep your mind motivated!

We hope the days pass quickly for you!

Dawn said...

Awww...that's so sad. You look like you hate those old gates! We hope the next ten days goes fast!

Sara said...

I think "Rest" is the biggest challenge of all!

Hope the time goes fast, and that you're cleared for zoom duty!

Kathy said...

LOVE crate games, but funny I liked them a lot when I first got it but did not use them that much, just the first I am in LOVE with them for so much more then just running into the crate, probably one of my most useful tools for training, who knew??? LOL. Dont worry will be zooming soon ;-).

Lian said...

Hi Ricky, just catch up on your blog. Sorry you have been unwell, a good rest will do you good. You don't really have to do anything, not even a trick, just enjoyed life. Sometimes, having a break will refresh your mind. Just chilled, buddy!

Oh, a "back on track" coat will do you good with your injury. It works fab on Sing and on me too! I highly recommend it!

El'bow and Hauwii said...

keeep resting!

El'bow & Hauwii

Sagira said...

Ricky, that is such a bummer. I hope you feel better soon.

Hope you saw the invite for my pawty. Maybe you can come for the first part under the shelter house where we are all on leash? Understand if you can't though.

Marie said...

Sorry I've fallen behind in reading everyone's blogs again, and I missed the training challenge this week. I think you challenge is a really big one. Resting is very difficult! Good for you!

Ellie said...

Good luck in your recovery, Ricky... I know that it's hard for us herding dogs to take it easy!

Cedar and Moss