Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday's class

When we got to class today, Jenn said the focus would be on lead out pushes - mom thought that would be impossible for us. Then I proved her wrong! First though a few thoughts about lead out pushes. A lead out push is essentially a substitute for a front cross and is done (obviously) at the beginning of a course or after the table. So Jenn said the handler should think about where she would place a front cross and that would be where she would stand for a lead out push. She also told us to look at the angles of the dog's path and pick the shortest. Mom wishes she would've paid more attention in geometry class in high school - who knew? Any way, we started with a straight forward lead out past a double and another jump. Then we did one with two jumps that were angled. Finally we tried one where the dog is not in a direct line of sight with the handler and jumps the first jump at an angle and the second one with kind of a parallel approach (instead of perpendicular). It was a directed-jump recall (I think). But listen to this - I did them all! And I didn't sniff once during any of my runs this morning! I think I like this lead out stuff!!!

So I did well today except with tunnel discrimination - that was mom's fault though. First time she totally showed me the wrong entrance. Then the next time, she moved laterally but I was programmed to go in the wrong way and mom didn't call my name or anything! Jenn suggested that dogs learn that the word "tunnel" means take the most obvious entrance to them and that the dog's name means to take the more difficult and less obvious entrance. Mom and I are going to try to work on that and see if we can get it.

We also got to talk to Jenn about a novice FAST strategy for this weekend. She says there are two ways to go about it - run out there and get your bonus and points as fast as possible and exit to make sure you Q - or if you want to use FAST as sort of a training opportunity, then go and try to do as many obstacles as possible and rack up the points (over 50 which is what you need for novice) and don't worry when the buzzer sounds - just run for the exit from wherever you are. You can still Q if you are overtime because they start deducting from the point total. She thinks if the chute is an option, we should try it.

Bindi's mom was so awesome and videoed our class today (Bindi has a hurt back and she couldn't run but we hope she is all better soon!). She shared the videos with us through the Flip share and we hope she doesn't mind if we also share them with you. You can see me doing better than I usually do in class!

Gotta zoom!



Priscilla said...

Sounds like your trainer knows it all!!
Good luck for your weekend. All these strategies will hopefully get you some Qs!

Kathy said...

wow, what an awesome idea to teach Tunnel and the Name as two different obstacle recognition cues. Very cool. I wonder if you could use another different word since the name usually means look at me, but then it is another thing to think of, and I am not great at thinking on my feet and getting the right words as it is.. Wow, look at Ricky go, he really looks for his line and jumps, he looks great. That is very neat you were able to get video today. Your description of the pushes and watching the video makes perfect sense.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

More pawesome work from woo two!

Thanks fur sharing it with us!

PeeEssWoo: I know the word 'walk' - not sure I khould manage 'tunnel'

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hello Ricky!!

We's be furiends of El'bows!! He's showing us his very impressive tricks likes yous!!

Great Jobs!!

Yous new furiends,
Izzy, Josie, and Anakin Man

Marie said...

Oh no! I hope geometry isn't going to come into play in agility for me. LOL

Jenn always has great suggestions. You are really fortunate to have classes with her each week. :-)

I hope Bindi is better soon, but it sure was nice of them to get video for you to share.

Sara said...

Wow, those lead outs were really impressive! Great job. Plus your mom's handling with some of the jumps! Wow! You guys are good!

Oreo would have done the same thing with the tunnel. Once he goes in one end, he'll go in the same end all night, and call me a "stupid human."

Diana said...

What a great class and you are learning sooooo much. How lucky you are.

Remember to Q in fast you have to get the send bonus. that usually gets you about 35 points and then you rack up the rest of them with other obstcales. Good luck Diana

Sagira said...

The advice we received was to go in get your points and get out.

See ya Saturday! :)