Sunday, July 18, 2010

Training Challenge Week 6

We didn't do an agility training challenge this week, but today we did our morning walk in that other neighborhood - the one where we have to cross the busy street to get there. Mom can't believe how difficult it is for her to get out of our normal morning routine of walking in our own neighborhood and doing something different! She and I are both really into routine! Any way crossing the street went very well as did all of our walking on the quieter streets over there. But as we were heading toward home and were on a slightly busier street, a car went by and I lost it. I have the most trouble with cars on a walk when I know we are going in the direction of home! Too exciting! Just as I was recovering from my meltdown, mom looks up and sees this lady jogging by. The lady is someone mom has seen and spoken to occasionally at agility trials. She has a multiple MACH and OTCH dog. Mom smiles and says Hi expecting at least face recognition from the other woman (you know, you recognize a face but don't know the name?). The lady didn't recognize us at all and she said, "Learning how to walk on a leash?" Mom was mortified and mumbled something as the lady ran on. What? I'm three years old and I know how to walk on a leash! So I go crazy a little. Do dogs with MACHs and OTCHs never have any behavior problems? Well, needless to say, FAIL on the walk training challenge! I guess to really get mom and me out of our comfort zone, our next training challenge needs to be that busier street pointed in the direction of home. That would be so tough and it will take a lot for us to get up the nerve to tackle it.

My other training challenge this week has been a socialization one. Mom and I have been taking care of the terriers since Friday while their mom is out of town. So I have been making lots of trips over there to check on them and to let them out. Yesterday we all (mom and us 4 dogs) hung out in the yard and I actually felt comfortable enough to lie down and relax! Then when Indie and Sarabelle started playing, so did I!! This is the first time I have ever played with them - well, it was a lot of barking on my part but I did chase them too! Very fun! Today we took some pictures. Mom had very little success with groups shots but 3 out of 4 isn't too bad!

Here I am watching over the flock! Those terriers always have their noses on the ground and they need me to keep an eye out!

Memphis and Indie:

Sarabelle attaches herself to mom's leg a lot - very annoying to me cause then I can't get close enough to mom:

I look relaxed, right? LOL!

Beautiful and enormous hibiscus flowers!

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

I think that lady was very rude Ricky! I hope your mom put a certain finger up in the air when she jogged her butt on by. LOL.

That's awesome that you played with the neighbor's dogs! Very nice of you to play the lookout role while they are busy sniffing the place out.

Nicki said...

That was pretty rude. I guess some MACH OTCH people are too friendly to those of us still trying!

Kathy said...

LOL, oooh dear, well, some people get a little tunnel vision when they get their multiple MACHs and OTCHs-we have a lot of those around here- and some stay very friendly and helpful and aware of others, Luckily we also have a lot of those around here, some of the nicest people I know, LOL. How could anyone forget or not notice Ricky? The nerve. As far as leash walking, YIKES, I think some of the worst are some of the really good agility dogs that have been very successful, LOL.

What a wonderful job Ricky was doing watching over the flock. Wow, Ricky looks like he took a huge step getting along with that many terriers and SHARING HIS MOM, that is hard, my herding breed dogs will tell you terriers are totally different and hard to understand-but look at Ricky being such a good fellow. I would say it sounds like that all should count toward the weekly challenge for sure

Marie said...

Well, lets just hope that she's oblivious and doesn't have a good memory for faces.

I'll say from experience that even though Zoe has her MACH, she does plenty that would make people question whether she's had any training at all. LOL Don't let that lady's comment get you down!

Those terriers are just so cute. I'm glad that you're got comfortable enough to join in the chase games.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

How khool woo played AND herded them!

Thanks fur sharing the pikh of woo with the high biskhuit!

PeeEssWoo: It is khool to see they've been able to see where the new PF female khame from! She's from Khanada, eh!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Hi Ricky! Sorry you met such a bitchy lady on your walk. At least you didn't let it ruin the rest of the day! Her dogs might have MACHs and OTCHs, but they have a rude owner and weren't out on an exciting walk.

Have fun with your terrier herd!

Diana said...

Sorry that lady said that to you. Some people are so rude. You didnt see her running with her dogs did you? There is probably a reason. LOL

Yea for Ricky and playing with the other dogs!! Diana

Sagira said...

Oh sorry she said that to you. I have seen many dogs with MACHS that are not the most well behaved dogs either.

Your pals sure are cute. :)

Priscilla said...

That lady was so mean to Ricky!! She will be so embarrassed if she sees you again at a trial :) lol

It's great you get to socialize with your neighbours' terriers. They look very sweet.

Dawn said...

I think the lady was just oblivious and maybe goes though life like that. I'm sure she didn't mean it the way it sounded. Or lets just hope she didn't!

You got to play? That's way cool. Katie doesn't play with other dogs either. But she doesn't have a whole yard full of little dogs to play with either!

Looks like you had fun...

It's good to challenge yourself, so I'd say go back out on that street and do a little dog can do it!! And don't worry about what anyone else says!!