Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not for Lack of Trying

We're really sorry but we don't have a tRicky T-Day video for you this week! We are working and working on new tricks but have nothing to video. I don't know how Sara, Misty and Oreo do it every week! We try to hold up our end on the Thursday T-Days but just can't always do it. I don't think we are going to get in a real training challenge this week either (we did walk in the park yesterday and practiced recalls). It's too hot and humid (not for Diana, but for us here - LOL! Just teasing you, Diana) to drag agility stuff around to a park. And I have my FAST trial this weekend. So we are going to let Marie down this week too - sorry!!

Mom has been thinking about angles and lead outs since our class on Tuesday and she set up some jumps at angles and decided to see what I can do. I actually know more than mom thinks I do! We made a very short video to show you - yesterday we tried this for the very first time and I got it on the first try. Then we did it again. Today we tried it twice only and I got it both times. (Just don't want you to think we do it over and over and over and then edit out the bad stuff - in this case, there wasn't any bad! :) ) Wonder if I would prefer lead outs at a trial - mom always thought it would freak me out. Hmmm.. ..something else to ponder!

Gotta zoom!



Diana said...

Wow, thats very impressive!

Hey hot is hot. Whether its 90 or 100, its still hot. If there werent 30mph winds off the beach we couldnt go outside. Have fun this weekend. Diana

Sagira said...

Good job on those lead outs!

Maybe we will see ya this weekend. Good luck. We are doing Novice Fast and Open JWW. :)

Sara said...

Hey, I think THAT was a pretty cool trick! Really awesome!

Mayb you could try a lead out in a trial, or a runthru sometimes just to see how it goes. Maybe it would help him get speed right off the bat, because he has to run toward you?

Don't feel bad about not posting a trick or doing your challenge. I can't believe how fast the week goes by, and then it's saturday already.

Marie said...

Hey, those were some pretty fancy leadouts! I think maybe your mom has discovered something to try at a trial.

Don't ever worry about disappointing us. We only did a 30 day challenge, you've done so much more than that already! :-)

The extremes in weather are hard to deal with. Too bad there isn't a long stretch of perfect weather for all of us to enjoy and train in. We went to the park this morning to train, but it gets hot pretty quick.

Sam said...

It's definitely really hot and we don't blame you for not wanting to train!

Those lead outs are really impressive - I'm really impressed! Looks like something I can practice next time I rent the training hall for an hour..

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo are such a zoomie and jumper master!

Thanks fur sharing!

PeeEssWoo: HA on the bunny's paws!!!

Priscilla said...

Woot! Well done, Ricky. I think you did a wonderful job there with those angles!! No worries about missing tricky t-days.

Kathy said...

Isnt that the best when you figure out your dog knows way more then you even thought? Ricky looks awesome and look at him finding those lines of jumps, what a super star!!!

Honey the Great Dane said...

I don't know how Misty & Oreo do it either! But you're a lot better than me, Ricky - I think I haven't done a Tricky video in months! Still, the biggest culprit has to be Ludo who started this whole idea - but hasn't posted a Tricky video himself in ages! :-)

Honey the Great Dane