Thursday, July 29, 2010

tRicky T-Day!

I decided that if I wait around for one of my tricks to be ready, I might not be able to participate in tRicky T-Day for a long, long time! LOL! So I got mom to video one of our sessions of me learning how to bring her a kleenex. We were inspired to try this trick most recently by Marie and Dare and by Sam and Marge (I think - sorry if I don't really remember who I saw do it lately)! I want to go on record and say that I DO NOT like the feeling of the tissue in my mouth! But I try any way. I had no problem hearing "Achoo!" and pulling the kleenex out of the box, but I am not yet very good at the "bring it to mom" part. Notice: mom is cheap and we reuse the same kleenex over and over again!

Gotta zoom!



Pepper said...

So cute :) You're pretty close, I'm sure that your mum will be wiping her nose on slobbery tissues before you know it
Em & Pep

Dawn said...

OMD Ricky....when either of US sneezes or even draws a deep breath to sneeze Katie attacks us with teeth barred! Maybe I should use this trick and try to get her to do this instead!!

The behaviorist we had in last Jan said the ultimate response would be that Katie did a trick when we sneezed. How cute would it be if we could get her to do this?

Of course she also SHREDS all tissue she finds so that might be another hurdle!

You are amazing!

Dawn said...

PS: Forgot to say I love how your ears go forward as you wait to see if your response was good enough for treat!

Sam said...

Yup, it was us that you saw do the trick :)

Marge also has trouble bringing the tissue back to me, but is getting a bit better. Honestly, people are so amused by the fact that she pulls it out of the bo that the rest doesn't even matter!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh, I've been learning this trick too, Ricky! And I have to say - you're SO much better than me - I HATE the feeling of the tissue in my mouth and I start spitting it out as soon as I pull it out of the box - hee! hee!

My human also resuses the same tissue too!

But at least you keeo it nice and dry - my tissue goes all yucky and soggy after just 1 try! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Nat said...

How did your mom teach you to take and hold things? I've never succeeded in teaching that with my guys! With Mika I can open her mouth, put the thing it, and tell her to hold it and stay. (I don't really like doing that, though.) But she won't actually take it and hold it.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo two make khwite the team!


Priscilla said...

That is such a neat trick!
If Eva had tissue in her mouth, it'd be down in her poop the next thing! LOL

Marie said...

Ok Ricky, you are just too cute! I think it's so fun to watch the different dog's take on the same tricks. I love how you will just hold that kleenex waiting to see if that's enough. I wish Dare had a "hold" like that. :-) She is thrilled to just grab and throw stuff at me, rather than hold it. LOL

Kathy said...

Ricky is sooo cute, he is doing fantastic and he looks so happy, LOVE IT, it looks like it is very close, great job!!

Lian said...

Clever Ricky! You are so cute, much better job than Sing. When I taught Sing to bring me a tissue when I sneeze, he then destroyed it after I used it, hahaha ... shamed that in the old day we haven't got a video camera!

Diana said...

LOL, very cute. Well done. Diana

Sara said...

Ricky, you are so good at this trick! Great job!

Reusing the tissue has given me an idea now. Oreo always pulled a small piece of tissue off the one hanging out of the box, rather than the entire tissue. I think if there is only one tissue in the box, it might be easier for him to learn this trick.

Thanks for giving me a lightbulb moment! Now, I'm going to try this trick again! You are always an endless source of tricky t-day inspiration.

Sagira said...

Good job Ricky! I need to stop watching these when my mom is in the room or she is going to get the idea of having me try some of your cool tricks.

Zoey said...

Great job Ricky! I don't think I would like those tissues in my mouth, though. :)
Keep up the good work.