Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday's class

It felt strange to be at class again after two weeks - seemed like it had been forever. This week's class was about serpentines and handling them all from one side or handling them using a FMFC. First we practiced the serpentine recall to heel with one jump. This mimics the middle jump of the serpentine if you are handling it all from the same side. Then we did some sequences - first time we had to do the single-sided handling and then the next time through we did FMFC after the first jump of the three. For us it works much better. The other thing we tried was a rear cross with a parallel approach to a jump. This was difficult - we had never tried it before and I didn't read it well. I turned the wrong way and then back-jumped the jump. You know how we mostly practice rear crosses with the dog coming to the jump straight on? Coming to the jump at an angle made it a whole different thing. Jenn told us to practice what she is calling a parallel rear cross with one jump - set up across from the end of the jump (the jump standard?) instead of perpendicular to the bar. Does that make sense? We haven't practiced it yet so we didn't video it! :)

We tried to make a video today to show what we mean. First we do a serpentine with same side handling and then I take another jump and going to the 5th jump is where mom pushes on my line and I rear cross at an angle and then turn around the jump tightly to the right. Then we ran it backwards with same side serp again and then into the weaves. The third time mom did the FMFC.

Gotta zoom!



Nat said...

Your mom's serp handling is looking great! And so are you, of course!

Diana said...

Very nice demonstration!! Diana

Kathy said...

EXCELLENT demo and excellent recap of class. Thanks for posting that. You know that rear cross thing is exactly what we messed up in our last trial, second to last jump on what would have been a fantastic run, hahahahah, so really glad to read about what you did with those. THANKS!

Sara said...

Very cool stuff. I love serpentines, and Oreo usually does them very well, but that cross thing you did might come in handy some day, but I'm not sure I could do it without having a big screen TV in my backyard replaying your video LOL. I'll watch it a few times and see if I can figure it out.

OH! Your weaves? Fantastic!

Sagira said...

Wow, look at you go. You're going to have that MACH in no time Ricky!

Dawn said...

You don't have a speed problem Ricky! You're doing great! So is Mom!