Friday, June 25, 2010

Training Challenge Week 3

I wasn't sure if we were going to get out for a training challenge this week. I'm having another bout of my IBS or colitis or whatever you want to call it when you get mucousy, runny poop! Mom tried to help me on Wednesday with more pumpkin and a tiny dose of imodium, but yesterday afternoon I still wasn't better and mom thought she saw blood in my poop. She took me to the vet and he didn't find any bacteria or blood but gave me an antibiotic and something called forti flora just in case. So I really didn't get a diagnosis but I am doing better today. NO poop now. It's always something!

So since I was feeling better and since it was a little cooler outside, mom took me to a soccer field to practice some agility. I had never been to this field before. It is surrounded by major roads (you can hear the road noise in the video). But there are trees that obscure most of the cars from view. After what seemed like an eternity, mom loaded up the car, we drove there, she unloaded the car, and then we gave it a try. I didn't have any trouble doing agility there but I did have lots of trouble coming out of the chute and seeing the weaves when mom was on my right! To be fair to me, we had never tried that skill before and I proved that it is going to have to be practiced. But I saw the weaves when mom was on my left!

We had fun but really only practiced for about 5 minutes! It was hot in the sun and mom didn't want to overdo it since I have not been feeling 100%. She complained all the way home about all that work loading and unloading the car for only 5 minutes of practice. Mom is such a wimp!

If I am feeling up to it, mom and grandma and I are going to a trial tomorrow and Sunday! It is only 20 minutes from here in a soccer building - but last time we were there it was very hot inside and so we're worried about that. If it's too hot we may run once and come home. I am going to meet up with a blogger friend named Sagira who lives in town and we actually belong to the same club but we met through blogging! It will be fun to meet Sagira and her mom and dad in person. Her dad takes great photos so hopefully we'll have one to share with you!

Stay cool everybody!

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Wow! Ricky did awesome! His weaves were super fast. I should really start participating in this challenge, I'm sure it would help build confidence.

I hope his tummy problems are resolved and you make it to your trial. Good luck!

Sagira said...

What a great idea to take the equipment on the road. What part of Columbus are you from? We are in Grove City.

I hope Ricky feels better. My dogs had the runny poo a little over a week ago, I think there might be a stomach bug going around or something. We gave them Immodium and they are all back to normal now.

Nat said...

Wall-e is having runny poop too. Glad you're feeling better now, though!

Awesome how your mom just keeps goin' when you don't see the weaves!! (Wall-e does that sometimes too)

Good luck at that trial!

Diana said...

Great job at the park. I carted stuff to baseball fields too. It is a big pain. Im glad Ricky is feeling better. I think in the video you just needed to take a step or two toward the weaves and he would have gotten them. He looked really good. Keeping my fingers crossed for the chute at the trial. Good luck. Diana

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Ricky - I'm so sorry to hear about your upset tummy!! I know how draining that can be,,,and the heat can't be helping either!

Hope you're soon back to 100% - and that you have a good time with Sagira!!

Honey the Great Dane

Kathy said...

wow, Ricky you are going to end up meeting all your blogger friends in person, you lucky guy. LOL, that is very neat.
Your mom is very good making sure to take everything on the road, and what a great idea to keep the sessions short, you looked fantastic! Breeze tells me it is Hard to get out of that durn chute, AND find where your mom might have went AND THEN find the weaves...yikes that is a lot of things, so looks like you are doing TERRIFIC on figureing all that complex stuff out, good for you!!!!

Kathy said...

PS, GOOD LUCK ON YOUR TRIAL!!!! Hope you dont melt, we all know how I feel about the heat, LOL! I am pretty sure we are going to melt, hahahaha.

Priscilla said...

Hi Ricky, hope your tummy is alright and you're feeling better now. You're so lucky that you can meet your blogger friends in person. Good luck for the trial and have fun with Sagira. You're really good at weaves, Bravo!!!

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

hey, Ricky. we get those poopies too. Poopie butt, mom calls it. Always checking us for poopie butt, can u believe it??? Anyways, that forti-flora works pretty good to keep it away, butt (ha ha), once we get it we almost always need those pills, and we eat the Hills WD for a couple of days and rice too, which is good stuff, I think.
your pals, Morgan & Maisie