Saturday, June 26, 2010

GRCC AKC Agility Trial Saturday

Today's trial was held in an indoor soccer facility that does not have air conditioning! It does not have ceiling fans! It has almost no doors to open! Can I tell you how unbelievably hot it was? Outside it was 90 but with the breeze it felt like paradise. Inside was 90 with no breeze!

And yet grandma and I were real troopers (mom, not so much)!

Exc. JWW was first for me (we got to the trial around 11:00 and I ran this course around 1:00). Mom watched a lot of people run it and when she walked it, she walked a sane path and an insane path (LOL). But she ended up running a sane path with me and I was fast for me and we Q'ed!

Then we waited about 2 1/2 hours more. We went outside for awhile and we even sat in the car with the air conditioning running. Mom kept wetting me down with water (I felt humiliated by that and only slightly cooler for a couple minutes).

The Exc. STD course seemed fairly straight forward to mom - she was relieved to see it started with a jump and the chute was not until later in the course. I started out ok but was a little pokey so mom ran the outside line at #5. Then I saw the chute coming (tricky discrimination between the tunnel and the chute for some dogs) and I almost went in and then after I formally got the refusal from the judge (LOL) I did the chute really fast! Hurray for me!! Mom was super happy too because I haven't done the chute in a trial in a very long time. Rest of the course was good! So NQ but for us, a good job!

And here's the video:

We're just not sure if we can or should go back tomorrow. It's not going to be any cooler. Mom was very proud of how well I did today even with it being so darn hot. But she says she felt sick most of the day and that's no fun. After we get a good night's rest we'll decide what to do. It's tough to decide - be happy things went so well today and let it go at that or go back and try again to build on how well it went today. Decisions, decisions. If only the building were air conditioned! LOL!

Gotta zoom!



Diana said...

Whoohooo wonderful Jumpers run!!! Standard run was very nice too. Great dogwalk and a-frame! Congrats on the chute, thats wonderful!!! Diana

Kathy said...

Congrats on the JWW Q, that was a gorgeous run, very, very nicely done. It looked like a nice flowey, fun course, and nicely handled. The standard run looked great, you could really see Ricky watching that judge, who would want to jump into that dark chute not knowing what that judge was going to do once you could not see him, but he got brave and did a great job with it ;-). That was a very nice run! GOOD LUCK with tomorrow!

Sagira said...

Nice runs! It was very nice to meet you and Ricky today. Sorry about all the confusion, I still can't believe I did that. DOH!?!?!

Sagira did pretty good today. 2 out of 3 she Q'd in. The last Jumpers was at the very end of the day and she was just exhausted. So tomorrow I think we are going to go for her Jumpers, then I am going to bring her back home until she is about to run again then I will take her back. Gosh, what we will do for these pups. :)

Marie said...

Very nice JWW run. Congratulations on the Q! I'm so happy with the fact that you did the chute at the trial that I think that might be even better news than the Q! Great job.

I hate trying to make those kind of decisions. Hopefully things will be clearer for your mom in the morning. :-)

Pepper said...

Wow Ricky, very very awesome that you did the chute, and great about the Q of course. Go you!!! We think you were very speedy considering you were in such a hot stuffy building
Em & Pepper

Sara said...

Awww, stupid judge! Doesn't he know perfection takes time? I'm so proud of you for doing the chute!

Your JWW run was awesome! I think those were your fastest weaves in competition ever! Great job! Especially in swealtering conditions.

Priscilla said...

It's wonderful, Ricky. You're a true agility star!!! Do you know that Eva girl is your NO.1 secret admirer???

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

we agree = stupid judge. Chutes have to be entered just so.. It requires thought, and we didn't see you refusing, we saw you do it. nice weaves!!!

your pals, M&M