Sunday, June 27, 2010

GRCC AKC Agility Trial - Sunday

We did go back to the trial today with wet towels for our necks, more cold bottles of water, and a really cool fan that misted too that dad bought us! Mom was not as hot today with the wet towel around her neck the entire time she was there(except for when we actually ran).

The JWW course was very twisty turny at the beginning and ended with a big circle all the way around the ring. Mom was afraid she wouldn't remember the course if she tried for some unconventional path. So she didn't motivate me enough and I skipped a couple jumps. So NQ even though I was really running at the end!

Mom had a complete outside line plan for our standard run and she was so sure of her plan that she forgot the course and left out the yellow tunnel and two jumps - #3, 4, 5! She saw the judges arms going up while I was on the teeter and asked what happened and the judge said, "You left out 3 obstacles!" The judge had to laugh and mom laughed too but come on, mom!! I was doing my job! We got to the chute and the judge whipped her arm up into the air (she gave me no time at all) and after I got the refusal, I went through! So two chute refusals this weekend but also two completed chutes! WooHoo for me! Then just to make the run complete, I skipped another jump near the end. Mom says if I had gone through the chute with no problem and if her messing up had ruined our Q, she would've killed herself - LOL! So 8 tries at Exc A STD courses and only 1 Q!

So that was our super hot trial weekend! Next trial is a Novice/Open only trial held at our club in air conditioning in July and we're going to try Novice FAST for the first time!

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Whoa, that JWW course was really tough! I would have gotten lost for sure. You had some really speedy moments in that run!

Great job on doing the chute twice! That is a huge accomplishment. Hopefully in your next trial, the judge will keep her hands at her side and not do the YMCA dance.

Kathy said...

You are a very fast blogger getting your run up and blogging about it so quickly, and I am so glad you did not melt, LOL, seems everyone made it through the weekend without melting so that is SUPER good.

WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO on getting the CHUTE TWICE. How fantstic is that?
The jumpers really was a twisty turning little course, and I love Rickys Aframe, that was very nicely done! Good job!

Kathy said...

PS good luck at the next trial, I am sooo jealous we do not have any indoor trials and no AC ones, that will be NICE! That will really make for a nice weekend I am sure.

Marie said...

Woohoo on another chute completed at a trial! That means you were 100% this weekend. That's awesome! I think the second day's chute was faster than the first day too. Next time you're not even going to give the judge a chance to even think about giving you a refusal. :-)

Sagira said...

You gave it a good try Ricky, it was SO hot this weekend. Imagine you were even hotter than me since your hair is much longer. pheww...glad this weekend is over and the next one is in the AC.

Will be working on our picture tomorrow and will email to your mom. :)

Sam said...

This weekend was so oppressively hot - I don't know what's worse, trialing outside in the humidity, or trialing inside with no ventilation? You gave it a good run, Ricky - huge congrats on your chute success and your Q yesterday! Look at you absolutely BARRELING down that ending line in Jumpers!

Dawn said...

You did great Ricky! Especially since it was intolerably hot! We spent Sunday at the LAKE on a BOAT and we were hot, can't imagine running around in a fur coat!

Enjoy next weekend in the AC! That should be awesome! And it will be so cool you'll whiz though that ole chute no problem! This weekend was just for practice anyway, right?

Diana said...

This will make you feel better. We've had 16 tries in Exc. JWW and no "Q"s. LOL. Wow, Ricky was really fast at the end of the jumpers run. Thats so wonderful that he did the chute! Congrats.

Hey, I'm just asking. When you rub him down like that before you run, is that what you do at home and class too? Just wondering. It can make them worry if its different that what you usually do. He seem slow off the start of the jumpers run but not on the standard run. It didnt look like you did that before the standard run but it could just be the tape didnt start soon enough to show it. Just something to think about.

Congrats again about the chute!!! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Diana - I realized that too about the way I started that JWW yesterday and I thought about it while I was there doing it and then again while I watched the video and I agree that I made him worry - I sometimes do that at home and at class but I don't think Ricky likes it and so why, why do I do it - LOL! I still haven't come up with a startline routine that feels comfortable and works and I've tried a lot of stuff.

Priscilla said...

Good job, Ricky.
Glad that your mom was well-prepared with wet towels and enough water. It's really hot and both of you have to run a lot so please make sure WATER is always there.

El'bow and Hauwii said...

you did good :)
it was a hard routine :)

El'bow & Hauwii

Morganne said...

Congratulations on great runs AND success with the CHUTE!
Those were some challenging courses (especially jumpers).

Pepper said...

Double Chute success = double woooohoooo!! Well done, obviously the hard work practising is starting to really pay off.