Sunday, June 20, 2010

Training Challenge Week 2

You'll never guess where we went for my training challenge this week --- my terrier neighbors' backyard! Yes, all the way across the fence. You know how they always say the grass is greener? Well now we know it's true!

Seriously mom has wanted to try me with agility over in the terriers' yard for quite awhile now and she finally asked the terriers' mom if we could. We had the yard to ourselves for this challenge - didn't want it to be TOO challenging. We took a couple jumps and my chute over there and just did some easy stuff. Mom was surprised because I acted like I do agility over there all the time! And of course, she could barely keep me out of the chute! We did jumps and the chute and then we practiced two-jump sequences - we have been working on 270s because I like to cut in between the jumps. So we did some of those - watch me as I hit the bar with my legs and do a face plant in the grass! (I was unfazed but the fixed bars my jumps have are not a good thing). I am a daredevil (think Miley would be impressed? I hope so! LOL!).

Happy Father's Day to everybody's Dad! Hope you all have a great day!

Gotta zoom!



katie said...

Yay for mom for asking the neighbor for the use of her yard! My neighbors all think I am some kind of crazy dog lady, so I never want to ask them for anything.

We think its really cool you are doing Resq Tails training challenge and hope to join today, with some training at the lake. We'll see tho, we aren't the most organized!LOL Great job tho!

Priscilla said...

Your neighbours are so kind to let your mom practise in their garden!!
Resq Tails' training challenges are so fun.

Dawn said...

Wow, your neighbor is very nice! I think you did a great job in the new place!

Tell your Mom we got pole cups for our jumps here:

and they weren't very expensive, that way your jumps aren't fixed! :)

Sam said...

Very nice that your neighbor let you use their yard. Hopefully, if you slowly expand all the placed you do the chute, eventually you'll feel better about doing them at trials.

Diana said...

What a great idea to use the neighbors yard. You guys looked awesome!! Diana

Sara said...

Ricky you did awesome at your neighbors' yard! Flying thru that chute!

Your mom's handling skills are very impressive. She looks so smooth, and really knows her stuff!

Great job!

Kathy said...

good job getting your training challenge for week 2 done and what a great idea to head to the other side of the fence. It looked terrific and I have to say that Cricket came running in the room with her ears up and looking for what fun was going on when she heard your mom yelling with you Ricky, LOL, you are lucky you have such a fun partner. So sorry to hear about the face plant, yikes, but glad it did not do any permanent damage.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Wow - that was very kind and generous of your terrier neighbour! Shame the terrier couldnt' join in and you could have had an impromptu tournament - ha! ha!

Ouch! I winced when I saw you go smack down on your face! Glad you weren't seriously hurt!

Honey the Great Dane

Marie said...

What a good idea to use the neighbors yard! You looked right at home. Great job, Ricky! :-)

Your mom always does such a good job of remembering your camera and videoing when you go somewhere new. I have to remember that too.

Pepper said...

Very kind of your neighbours to let you practice. Every time I see a chute I think of you and your "shoot" and have a wee giggle, hopefully you start learning its a fun thing to run through when you're not at home.

Sagira said...

That was nice of them to let you practice in their yard.

You going to be at the Golden Retriever trial at the Sportsbarn this weekend?

Lian said...

Glad you have such a nice neighbour to let you practice in their yard.