Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miley's visit!

We had a great time with Miley and her mom! It was unbelievable to look out in the driveway and see them here at our house! We've been blogging buddies with them since April 2008 but we never knew we would meet them in person! It was just so cool!

I can't say that Miley and I were instant best friends but I think there was a certain attraction there from the moment she stepped into my backyard - LOL! I don't have the greatest social skills - I'm not mean or anything - but I don't run and play with other dogs and I am kind of shy. I did have lots of fun barking at Miley while her mom was playing with her (that's my way of showing affection!). And Miley's mom gave me lots of treats so I didn't mind posing for photos or following her around!

Miley was definitely fascinated with my fish pond - it was no big surprise when she tried to step on that lily pad! Silly girl!

Luckily, the tree branch was moved and the electric wires hooked back up, the rain went away and the sun came out! Here are Miley and I just hanging out together while our moms talked and talked and talked! Mom thought talking was much easier and much more fun than typing comments!

Dad (who cooked dinner and cleaned it all up too so mom was free to visit all evening!) came out to take some photos. Miley was leaning over to tell me a secret and to give me a kiss (at least that's how I interpreted it!)

So then I wanted to return the favor!

It was a wonderful visit and I was really sad when Miley had to go! I hope to see her again! Thank you so much Diana and Miley for coming here! We hope you have a terrific time at Linda Mecklenburg's camp this weekend and show everybody how awesome you guys are!

Gotta zoom!



Dawn said...

How wonderful! You guys look adorable! (all 4 of you!) Glad it was a fun visit. I'm sure it went by way too fast.

You make a great looking couple!

Kathy said...

that is so cool you guys had a nice visit, it sounds like a super special evening! Ricky Your dad just sounds like such a nice guy, he fixes bathrooms and kitchens, and he cooks and cleans up dinner so you can have a nice evening visiting, how cool is that?

Sara said...

What a great time! Thanks for sharing the photos. Wish we. Could have sat at the dinner table with you.

Priscilla said...

You guys had such a great time! How we wish we could be there too :) We should have a blogger buddy gathering!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh how cool to finally meet a blog friend like that! I can just imagine all the stuff your humans would have to talk about! (And how nice of your Dad to do all that!)

I have never met a blog friend in person yet! I have some friends who were real-life friends who then got blogs and became blog friends too - but never the other way around yet!

Honey the Great Dane

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a pawesome visit woo four had!

Thanks fur sharing it with us!


Sagira said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. It is always fun to meet new friends who have the same things in common. Maybe one day we will meet since we are so close. :)

Diana said...

Thats for having us. We had a great time. Im exhusted after today's seminar! Diana

Johann The Dog said...

Oh wow!!! So envious!!! We want to come too :) What fun to visit with friends and finally meet in pawson!!!!

Marie said...

Looks like a great visit! Very cool that you guys got to meet in person. :-)