Monday, March 8, 2010

Puli Club AKC Trial

We went to our first trial since the beginning of January yesterday - only one day since mom had to work on Saturday. Mom is terrible at guesstimating when we will run our first run so we got there way too early. So mom worked the Novice JWW class and I hung out with grandma. Then we got ready for our first try at Exc. B JWW. The course was not difficult and mom had a plan. It did start out slowly for us because tunnel to weaves is not super motivating for me. But I got faster after that. The only problem - MOM! She messed me up. See the course map below - well, mom forgot to do jumps #12 and 13 - she took me straight from #11 to #14 and then to make matters worse, she didn't support #15 so I followed her right past it. It's a shame about my handler because I was doing a GREAT job!! Check out how much speed I had in the jumps at the end of the run! Mom was disappointed in herself but I forgave her right away - it was all good to me!

Our wait for the standard run was not all that long. We needed a Q in this run to get our Open STD title. The first part went well - it was a good start for me, but even with the jump and then the tire, my dogwalk was pretty slow. Then as we went toward the aframe, mom was way over on the side and telling me to go to the aframe, but I was excited and saw that tunnel and ran all the way over there on my own and started into it. Mom called me and I came back and went up the aframe. I was a little leery of that judge doing all that walking around, so my sit on the table was slow. But check out my teeny little hesitation at the chute (probably my fastest chute in a trial) and then a fast teeter! After that, we were home free! We did it! I Q'ed and got second place (fortunately you can have one off-course in Open and still Q - whew!) and so I got my OA!

I had a good time at the trial. I got lots of chicken, I got to hang out with mom and grandma, I got to see lots of people and dogs, and I did some good agility!

Next weekend (or actually now it's already "this weekend") we are doing Saturday and Sunday of a trial in a horse barn - the site of the 2007 AKC Nationals in Sunbury. (At least I think it was the site of the 2007 Nationals). We've never been there before but we're assuming that it is a nice facility. I'll get another chance at Exc. B jumpers - well, mom will get a chance to redeem herself) and I'll get to run my first-ever Exc. STD course! About 3/4 of the snow in my backyard is gone, so mom is promising to set up my dogwalk today and maybe we'll finally start practicing again. Although we're supposed to get rain Wed. through Sun. We're just exchanging snow for mud!

Gotta zoom!



elbouwii said...

super duper agility :D
ricky your the best :D
sanne is on thursday en friday to crufts hope she see some agility!

El'bow & Hauwii

Priscilla said...

Hi Ricky. At least you had a good time and ate lots of treats. Tell your mom it doesn't matter if she messes up and not to feel down about it. Hope next week you do well! Good luck :)

Kathy said...

LOL, OH Ricky, you made me laugh, I read your comments to my dogs and they said they know exactly how it feels, so good thing as a team we all care about each other. You guys looked EXCELLENT. Glad you had a good time and I hope you have a most excellent trial this coming up weekend!

Morganne said...

Nice runs Ricky! Don't be too hard on your Mom about leaving out a couple jumps. My Mom once left out an entire pinwheel. She thought we double Q'd until someone pointed out we didn't do the entire course.

Diana said...

Congrats on your runs. AKC excellent jumpers courses are so twisty that I can understand leaving out part of it. It probably felt like you already did it. Lol. Good job. Diana

Sara said...

Ricky, you look like you got really excited after going through that chute! You were on fire!

Great job on both runs! Forgive your mom, those courses are tricky!

Nicki said...

Great job Ricky. Better luck next time mom!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That is what our weather is expekhted to be as well - it has been inkhredibly pawesome these past days!

Thanks fur sharing your weekend stuff!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie
PeeEssWoo: The PFs are around - he's been bring her treats - and he's been hanging at the skhrape too!

Marie said...

Congratulations on your new title! I wouldn't be too hard on your mom for leaving out a couple of jumps. Looked like you were moving pretty good. In fact, I think I even spotted a rear cross on that Jumpers course. :-) Great job!

Dawn said...

Great job Ricky, and MOM! You guys looked'll get that jumpers thing next time for sure! Loved your teeter! You go RICKY!!

Congratulations on the new title!!

Pepper said...

Wow Ricky, those were some great runs, we think you're awesome. And big yay for lots of chicken ;)
Pepper & Emily