Sunday, March 14, 2010

GRCC Agility Trial - Sunday

We headed off to the trial today at 11:00 and got there a little past 11:30 and the 16" dogs were walking the standard course. So we arrived at the exact time mom wanted to. It was a little warmer and a little less rainy today and while it was still super muddy every where, at least mom had less to complain about! LOL!

Mom memorized the course as she watched others run it and everything looked ok for us except the chute was the third obstacle (we think I do better with it when it is later in the run). Mom made a plan for where to throw my slip lead too (since it was another tunnel start). When it was our turn, we took off and got to the chute and I refused to do it again! Mom is now calling it the "SHOOT!" Notice how well I did after she let me go on - fast teeter, fast aframe, and then check out my weaves - I did my fastest-ever-at-a-trial weaves - especially the last few poles because by then I could see the finish line and smell the chicken!! We NQ'ed again (my fault, I know and I take full responsibility) but even with my fooling around at the chute/shoot, I was only 2 seconds over standard course time.

When we finished the STD course, they were still running 20" dogs in the JWW. We waited about an hour and a half and that was ok for mom because she got to learn the course again by watching. People were saying that no one was qualifying and the course was too hard, etc. It did look confusing with that serpentine the first time through, then take only the middle jump there and then go through there a third time and take the outside jumps only. Mom tried really hard to look for the patterns and also the color of the jumps to help guide her. Any way, when it was my turn, I started out slowly (can you see a pattern here?) and poked my way through the weaves and the first jump of the serpentine and then I took off! It is really hard to tell from the video, but I was running my heart out. We did it!!! We Q'ed - our first Exc. B JWW Q - on our very last run of the weekend! We barely made it - my course time was 47.18 and standard course time was 47. Thank goodness they round down! Out of around 20 12" dogs, only 10 qualified.

Well, we're really happy with my speed and confidence this weekend and even though we only came away with one Q, we think we got a lot out of our 4 runs. But what are we going to do about my chute/shoot performance? Jenn thinks I don't like the darkness and the fact that I can't see the way out - but mom isn't sure that's what the problem is. She got out my own chute/shoot and set it up in our living room this morning and I went right through it many times, no problem. There's always something, right?

Gotta zoom!



Pepper said...

Yay Ricky! Congratulations for getting your Q, thats awesome. You were super speedy with your first weave but I think you looked so cute pottering through the weave on the second run. I think you need to get brave and do the 'shoot' next time - imagine how much chicken you'll get if you do it straight away in your next trial, it'll be worth it I'm sure.

Kathy said...

whoooohoooooooo we are all yelling from CA, congrats on the Q, that is AWESOME.

Those shoots can be a pain. Was the one in the trial a different color material then the one in the living room? Maybe the atmosphere in your living room just feels a lot safer so it is easier to do the chute in the LR? That tape looked like there were a lot of shadows, could the chute have been in a little darker area? I have seen a lot of dogs when I was teaching that were scared to death of the dark tunnels, or if we put the tunnel where there were shadows before they got used to really dark tunnels.... OK lots of guesses about why it might have been different but hummm, no big ideas from this side of the peanut gallery on how to help Ricky.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm furry impressed and proud of woo!

Do you have any idea what I'd be doing as soon as my mom would hook the leash?

Let's just say EVFURRYONE would know my name is Khyra - and all of them would see I chose not to rekhognise it!

Khongrats again!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Priscilla said...

Congrats for your Q! Well done Ricky! We're all very proud of you here.

Priscilla said...

Congrats for your Q! Well done Ricky! We're all very proud of you here.

Diana said...

Awesome JWW run!! That was a hard course. Great job.

The chute? Time to make your home made chute travel. Take it to as many different places as you can and practice there. It is always something Lol. Diana

Sara said...

Again, two awesome runs!!!! What a great weekend!

Clearly Ricky's confidence is gaining in leaps and bounds. He'll get the chute too. No doubt in my mind.

Dawn said...

Yep I agree Ricky, time to get that chute out and take it everywhere you go! Grandma's house, the park, the mall...wherever you can be off leash, there that darn chute will be!

Your weave poles were adorable..and congratulations on the Q!! Way to go salvaging the weekend!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Woohoo Ricky! Pawsome runs. You really did get speedy towards the end!
Maybe that person sitting right by the chute freaked you out. I know I wouldn't wanna go near them!!
~lickies, Ludo

Lian said...

Well done Ricky!

Irish Hill Shelties said...

Great job Ricky you are doing so well your mom must be so proud of you. Your mom is also doing a great job. Just tell yourself the chute is a fun place and at the end of the run you may get a treat. Take care got to go the puppies are getting into trouble as usual :)