Saturday, March 13, 2010

GRCC Agility Trial - Saturday

We went to a trial only 35 minutes from home today. Grandma, mom and I got there at 11:00 (the trial started at 9:00) and waited almost 4 hours for our first run - our first try at Exc. A STD. It was cold, cold, cold in that barn and dirty! And outside was rainy and cold and muddy and swampy and muddy and rainy and cold! Have I mentioned cold? Mom complained all day but grandma and I were real troopers and didn't complain at all. Any way, mom had time to watch tons of people and dogs on this STD course, so she had it memorized before she even walked it. I started out a little pokey and then when I got to the chute, I just blatantly refused to do it. I crept into the barrel and then came back out. So mom gave up and kept running and then I did really well! My dogwalk was fast and I was fast on the last few jumps too. But NQ - my fault this time - I can't blame mom because she did her part!

Then we had about an hour until our Exc. B JWW run. Mom was worried about this because of how badly she screwed up last week's JWW course by not remembering to tell me to do all the jumps. This course started out tunnel to a red wing jump (you can't see all this in the video - the video starts at jump #3). Any way, we went out to get ready and mom threw my slip lead on the ground not too far from the tunnel (she should've thrown it much farther out of the way) and I got all worried and wondered what my leash was doing on the ground over there? I went in the tunnel and worried more and then came out and got a refusal on the jump (#2) because I stopped to make sure things were ok with my leash! After that we got going and mom had to do some unconventional handling to motivate me to MOVE but I was really fast towards the end again - as a matter of fact, I was ahead of mom! But sadly, NQ again and mostly my fault again, although mom blames herself for the position of that silly slip lead! I am proud of mom for remembering the course this time! Maybe tomorrow we can both get our acts together at the same time?

We are not going there until noon tomorrow - the trial starts one hour earlier - but we are going to take a chance and go much later. Hopefully it won't be as cold and we won't have to wait as long!

Gotta zoom!



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Maybe next time just woo and your grandma should go -

That way your mom won't have to khomplain!

We'll have to watch the video later - it isn't available right now -

Happy WETurday!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Diana said...

Very nice runs. Dogs do funny things sometimes, sorry about the chute. Diana

Sara said...

Your standard run was awesome!!! Ricky looked so happy and fast after you let him bypass the chute.

I know around here some dogs have issues with the chute after getting a static electricity shock in it. So their owners run dryer sheets over their dogs before they practice the chute. Just an idea. Not sure if that has ever happened to Ricky.

Ricky really picked up speed during the JWW run too. Good for you for remembering th course....I noticed you were even pumping your arms at the end to try and catch up with him! Whoo Hoo!

Good luck today! I'm so proud of you guys!

Dawn said...

Nice job you two! It's all about learning something every time, right? Wonder what happened with the chute, you're usually good about that, but you never know what's in a bright doggie's brain at any given time. Right Ricky?

Marie said...

Bummer about the chute, but you two really did pick up speed once you moved past that obstacle. Who knows what they think about sometimes. LOL I hope today was warmer and that you had some great runs!