Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today is my birthday!

Today is my birthday - now I am two! Been having a pretty quiet day after my BIG day yesterday. Walked in the neighborhood with mom this morning, did a few tricks, went on a little drive with mom and dad, then went to visit grandpa and grandma. I also just had a nap in my crate while mom and dad went out to eat at a restaurant that doesn't allow dogs - guess they were celebrating Valentine's Day one day late (surely they weren't celebrating my birthday without me?).
We have been trying all day to upload the video of my trial from yesterday - but for some reason the YouTube upload page won't load! We promise that as soon as it works we'll post the video for you all to see!
Thanks for all the supportive and nice comments about my first trial - mom and I really appreciate having such good blogging friends!
Gotta zoom!


Diana said...

Happy Birthday!! Diana

Irish Hill Shelties said...

Happy Birthday Ricky your video was sooo good. you are a cute sheltie.

Johann The Dog said...

Hey Ricky! Happy Barkday Dude! We watched the video, too cool! It so much for for us to finally see you run, after you got to see us :) Can't wait for your next trial!

Lian said...

Happy Birthday Ricky, you are a big boy now!

Dawn said...

Hey Happy Birthday Ricky! (a little late!) Katie turned 2 in December, you are almost the same age! No Mom and Dad would NEVER celebrate your birthday without you! :)

Bree/Reilly said...

Happy Birthday little buddy.....into the terrible two's now....not that you could ever be terrible. I hope you got some nice treats for your birthday...especially after winning those pretty ribbons!

PS. Mom says to tell your mom you can use the blogger video actually works better. It is right there on the page you type in your post.

Simba said...

Happy Birthday Ricky!! Hope it was a great one!!



Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

Happy Birthday Ricky!!! and what a nice video. You did a good job.
Your pal, Morgan