Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today is our third day of temperatures above freezing. Yesterday was 50! But look at our backyard - there is still a lot of ice every where. Mom has taken me out on a leash since Tuesday when I was limping. She is afraid to let me out on my own because she knows I would get the zoomies or chase a squirrel or something and slip on the ice. So I have not done any zooming or running for almost a week. And of course backyard agility is still out of the question. Mom says she can't remember it ever being like this before.

This morning we walked in our neighborhood for the first time in a week. There has been enough melting that if you are careful, you can pick your way around using the sidewalk, the grass and the street. Now everything is wet and muddy and I come back home filthy! Yesterday our neighborhood was still too icy, so mom took me to walk on a park road near a river. It started out as a great walk, but this park road sometimes goes kind of close to a main road and I went berserk - screaming at the cars as they went by. Poor mom has been trying to break me of this habit since I came to live with her almost two years ago and nothing works. She gets very frustrated when I won't listen to her or look at her (even for treats) .....and I get really frustrated because I want to get those cars!!! If any one has any advice for mom, I think she would appreciate it.
I have been feeling good since Wednesday evening - I bounced back from my horrible vomiting episode pretty quickly. No sign of the limping, but we haven't been testing it much. On Wednesday I go to agility practice, so we'll see how it goes. If all is well, Thursday night is my class and then Saturday we'll go to the trial.

I would zoom if I could,


Sara said...

Our backyard is pretty slippery right now too. This happens to our yard every year. The snow starts melting, then it freezes at night, which creates a skating rink. Too bad they don't sell ice skates for dogs!

Glad to hear you are still feeling good!

Rohan Shelties said...

Heidi: Hi Ricky! I know how it is to limp, and not be able to do what you like...Ive been limping for a long time now, and I hate it! Mom says I have a shoulder injury. What ever it is, I miss agility! I hope you get to go back to it soon!
Shelby: Hi Ricky! my mom wanted me to ask if you have tried a Gentle Leader head collar on youre walks. I used to be REALLY bad at chasing cars, but stopped completely when my mom got me one. I dont like it much, but Mom says it will keep me safe when we go out. I love agility too, and hope you get to enjoy it soon!
Both girls: Take care!

Diana said...

Im glad your leg is better. Miley really wants to chase cars too. I have to get her attention when I first hear the car, then I have her sit until the car passes, then I release her. Then she gets a treat. I really dont like to walk her in the neighborhood because there are just to many cars and we wind up spending a lot of time sitting waiting for cars to pass. Its a work in progress ( almost 2 years now). I dont know if that helps or not. But thats just what I do. Diana

Nicki said...

I would find a treat he really, really loves (experiment and if he does not have sensitive stomach you can try hot dogs, cheese, fried chicken nuggets, etc) and he only gets these when working on car traiing. Then go somewhere he can see the cars from a distance-far enough away that they don't really interest him yet. Make him "leave it" or "quiet" or whatever word you want to use to mean ignore the cars and give him the special treat for a favorable response-i.e. not reacting to the cars. Every day get a little closer as long as he continues to have a favorable response. Good luck-darn herding breeds!

Josh and Jess said...

What? No zooming for about a week? We'd go crazy!!!! :) Hopefully your snow and ice will melt real soon so that you can go out again. Have a good week!!!

Ludo van puppy said...

Glad you is feeling better. But no zoomies, that is so sad. :( Be careful on all that ice.
~lickies, Ludo

Dawn said...

Hi Ricky, hope your agility class goes well Wednesday! Can't wait to hear. And hope you can do your trial on Saturday too!

And thanks everyone for the advice on chasing cars...Katie is a big car chaser (or would be if she was ever off lease!). It worries me.

SGR said...

Woof! Are you glad the weather is getting warmer and the snow/ice is melting. It's going to be in the 60's tomorrow and I can not wait to go to the park.
Good luck on your agility class. Woof! Sugar

Irish Hill Shelties said...

Hi Ricky glad you are better, we still have ice too so activities hve been limited and that means everyone gets cabin fever and penned up energy. Spring can't come soon enough. Hope your leg is healed and you can start running again. Let us know how you do

Johann The Dog said...

Glad you're not limping anymores. Maybe you just got an ouch on your paw pad or somethin' Good luck this weekend, wish we could come and watch ya!!! Take vids, K? And tell your Mum to have fun too :)