Saturday, August 16, 2008

Since I last wrote

We've been having some busy days around here. The weather is still great and we try to be outside as much as we can. A few days ago mom and dad took me for an awesome walk at a nearby metro park. We've been there before - it's the place with the 3.5 mile pet trail. But this time when we went, mom put on my long line and let me walk the trail "off-leash"! Totally cool! I stayed with mom and dad but also got to run and smell a lot. I am a very path-oriented dog, so I stay right on the trail. It was a fantastic walk!

Thursday night was the mock obedience competition in Deb's advanced class. You may remember we have taken this class twice before and each time we do the competition, our score goes down. Well the third time we got the lowest score yet - mom thinks that Deb is scoring us more critically each time because mom thinks we did our best-ever on Thursday night. Actually our entire class did well. I was ok on heel on leash and off leash and on figure eight (but the heeling stuff is still our weakest part - I sniff a little and sit poorly, etc.) My stand-for-exam was good. On the recall I sat too far from mom but my military finish was excellent! Long sits and downs were perfect. I was happy to see Deb as always and happy to get my chicken hot dogs treats!

Yesterday we visited grandpa and grandma. We went to a garage sale, had a great lunch, helped grandma do a little gardening, and went for ice cream at a local ice cream stand.

The only bad part of the past few days is that I am sick! Yesterday morning I vomited a little yellow, frothy bit of stuff - sometimes this happens to me early in the morning before breakfast, so mom didn't worry about it. We went on about our business yesterday and then about an hour after I ate my dinner, I threw it all back up! This is not like me at all! Mom was concerned but I wasn't really acting sick - still barking and running, etc. So after a couple hours, since I was so hungry, she let me have a little rice. Well, darn if I didn't throw that up within 20 minutes after eating it. That really worried mom, so she put me on a leash to keep me quiet and lying next to her and we just rested until bedtime. I slept all night and got up hungry. Mom has let me have some ice chips so far - she is being very cautious this morning. I am HUNGRY and really don't know why I haven't gotten my breakfast yet! Mom says she doesn't want to upset my stomach and that I'll have to wait a little longer and then she'll let me have a little rice again. We'll cross our fingers and hope I keep it down. Fortunately, vomiting seems to be my only symptom so maybe this is just a little stomach upset and I'll be fine in no time.

Gotta rest (zoom later, hopefully)!



Bree/Reilly said...

Hey Ricky
I was wondering where you were, everyone seems to have been rather quiet on the blogs this week. Now mom has something important to tell you mom, so go and get her so she can read this. I also have exactly the same problem with that morning frothy yellow stuff that I vomit up, but mom found something that stopped it completely. Your mom needs to go to Petco or another stores that sells this brand and get a bag of "Old Mother Hubbard" Char-tar dog biscuits. These cookies taste great and are made with charcoal in them which neutralise's acid. Mom always give me one at bed time and since she has been doing that, no icky yellow stuff on the carpet for her to clean up. My doggy doctor recommended charcoal tablets but mom had trouble finding those, then she saw these cookies and they work great and I really like them. Mom was reading up on this and found it is a common problem in we Shelties and it is why we also like to drink so much water it helps dilute the acid. Let my mom know if you have any trouble finding the she will be happy to send you some.

GeeRome said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, Ricky! The yellow vomit is often a sign of an empty stomach, so eating your dinner at night a little bit later might help as well. Or a cookie before bedtime, no one will complain about that one, right :D

Hope you feel better soon. And keep working on that obedience stuff. You'll get the hang of it!

Gio and Romeo

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hi Reilly, Gio, and Romeo!

Thanks for your advice and good wishes! I'll get mom to buy some of those biscuits right away and I'll think about telling her to feed me later in the evening (I am always so hungry by 4:00PM that I can usually guilt her into feeding me then!)I am feeling a little better now - I've had some rice and even a little chicken mixed in and so far so good.


Latte said...

Hi ricky,

I get that yellow puky problem once in a long while too, but it's not too bad cos I get 2 meals in a day, one in the morning, and another in the evening. Didn't know this was a common sheltie problem until you and Reilly shared. Take care... hope you're much better now.