Saturday, August 23, 2008


It's gotten really hot around here again - hopefully this weather won't last too long. And it is super dry - no rain in forever! The grass is brown and dead. Mom and I water the flower garden just to help it survive. Our 15-year-old dogwood tree looks to be dying - it's losing it's bark and the leaves are curling and drying up. Mom is hoping to save it by drip-watering it - I like that idea because it's as if I have my own private drinking fountain out there in the back of the yard!

I have felt pretty good all week now. No more yellow, frothy vomit or regular vomit. I get a nice big biscuit right before bedtime to try to keep my stomach from getting too empty. Mom has been worrying again about what type of dry kibble I should be eating. She has been giving me a grain-free kibble for a month now. But she's not sure grain-free is really the way to go with me. I don't care as long as I get some good food in my bowl twice a day! I think she worries too much!

Today we went to visit with grandpa and grandma again. We were there on Wednesday too. Grandma had surgery on her knee. She is recovering well - she can already walk on it - I'm glad she feels good enough to put the surprise treat in my bowl - I always look for it the minute I run into their house! (so it's not really a surprise any more!) Mom and I did a little gardening for grandma and also played ball in the yard.

We haven't been doing much training this week - first I was recovering from my mysterious illness and then it has gotten so HOT! We have practiced a little with the mouse pad like my friend Johann has been doing. I think I understand I am supposed to touch the pad with my paw. We tried putting it on the contact bottom of the dogwalk board and I do hit it with my paws but it is slippery and so I slide down. We need to come up with a mouse pad that isn't slippery. It seems like a good method for teaching running contacts when you don't have a full-size dogwalk. Any way it's fun to learn something new - I always get lots of treats for the new stuff!

Gotta zoom!



Bree/Reilly said...

hey little buddy.....the hot weather is really not a lot of fun for us furrbies. I know I am finally starting to shed my puppy fluff and it feels a lot better! I am glad to hear that your tummy has settled down and yes it is hard to find the right the right food. Mom gets me Royal Canine for Sensitive Stomaches. They sell it at my doggies doctors and I really like that. Kibble food is one thing I am really fussy about.....I don't know why but I just like one brand. Glad to hear your Grandma is doing must love going to see her, not only for the treat but she has that HUGE garden to run in.

happy said...

Glad to hear you're ok now, Ricky.

We're having really wet weather over here though.


Grrrreeeaatt to hear you are doing better. You can now go on super zoom. We know what you mean about cooler weather. We can't wait to head north to Ohio this October to visit Dad's relatives and our Collie friends Hattie and Cassie.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

Johann The Dog said...

Hey Ricky, glad you are feeling better! Cool you are working with the mouse pad. Mum got a really old mouse pad that's rougher than the newer ones, it's also a cheaper one :) Gracie is using a rubbery flexible flyer. So maybe that would work with you.

Mum added in the cue 'get it' and used it in the trial a couple of weekends ago, worked like a charm. I totally check in with the contact.

It will be fun to compare notes on the training.

Have fun on your trip!

Woofs, Johann