Monday, July 14, 2008


Mom, Dad and I just got home from a little kayaking trip - our first one of the summer! When mom and dad got married a few years ago, they got a tandem kayak as a wedding present. Dad is a real good kayaker - he does all of the paddling, BTW, and mom gets to ride around like Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile! Any way, last summer when I was a young pup, mom and dad introduced me to kayaking and I have always loved it! Today we went to a river that is near our house and took a short trip. You need a lot of gear when kayaking:
Me in my cool life jacket:
Waiting by the river for dad to put in:
Still waiting:
Finally, we're off:

We had beautiful weather and saw turtles, herons, a water snake, and lots of pretty damselflies.
Gotta zoom!


happy said...

Kayaking? That's sounds really fun! I've never been kayaking before.

Bree said...

Hi this is Reilly and his mom Bree. We love your blog and it looks like you are having so much fun kayaking. I especially love that you had on your snazzy life jacket - way cool!!!

Bree & Reilly said...

Thanks for visiting Ricky.....I am pretty new to this blogging so I am glad to have a new buddy. I hope you will visit often so we can see what adventures we are having

Pacco de Mongrel said...

u shld jump down for a swim!

Latte said...

Hi Ricky,

It's not just your life jacket's that is cool, kayaking with you in it is awesome too! :)

We've added you to our blogroll, hope you would too :p

See ya!


Johann The Dog said...

I used to go canoeing with my Mum all the time before agility! Loved it! And she got me a life jacket too!

Looks like you had a blast.