Monday, July 7, 2008


We've been doing some gardening lately and wanted to share some photos from our front flower garden! The bees and butterflies love it, but so do those nasty Japanese beetles!

Guess all the rain has really helped the garden grow! I am not a great subject for the camera - I can't look at mom because I might miss a car or dog going by. Nothing she says and no sound she makes can divert me from my purpose! I am extremely focused (when I want to be)!

Gotta zoom!



happy said...

What a beautiful garden! Such pretty flowers!

Johann The Dog said...

You garden looks great!!!'

Ours is look ratty because we are gone so much :(

Weird thing here 2000-2006 we had awful beetles, then they started tapering off year by year. This year I haven't seen a one! Can't believe it!

We have sandcherries and river birches and they are happily keeping their leaves this year.

I see roses? Echinacea, day lillie, lillies, iris.....Cool!