Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday's class

Today was our last class for this session and the next session doesn't start until October 19th! The last week is always running a course and Jenn had a difficult one for us! It started out with that lead out pivot or forward motion front cross that we worked on last week. Then there were challenges everywhere like DW with lateral motion to a serpentine recall (we didn't do that because mom knew I would blow my contact if she didn't babysit it) and aframe with lateral motion to the back side of a jump (mom used a double front). It seemed as though every jump was taken from the side you would least expect! It was fun but mom forgot one tunnel and then directed me in the wrong direction over a jump but I did everything she asked me to do!

Not many new thoughts from this week but just a couple things we want to remind ourselves of:

Backy-uppy -the handler should never stand past the plane of the jump or she may cause the dog to back jump.

Lead out pivot - STAND STILL

Forward motion front cross - use outside arm

So during the few weeks we have off, mom is going to reread Linda Mecklenburg's articles from Clean Run (we have June 2008 as the first one but that is already part 3 in the series) and we are going to work on some foundation handling. I never learned the recall to heel on the flat foundation exercises so we'll start with that. We are also going to review the last few sessions of Jenn's class and practice and review some of the more difficult skills. And we are going to try to increase my ground speed again. Previously we worked on racing to a target and on some speed circles and jump chutes. If anyone has some ideas for us, please let us know. I have gotten faster on course but I really need to RUN if I am going to have a chance of making time in the ExcB classes!

Gotta zoom!



Priscilla said...

How fun!
I'm sorry you won't be having any class next week, but just think that Oct 19th is not far away!

Sara said...

Boy you and your mom are such good students. We have a break in classes coming up, and I was thinking, "OK, we'll take a few weeks off from agility, and be lazy."

Now, Oreo and I are going to look like a couple of slugs, while you two are out there working on SKILLS!

Thanks A lot!

Kathy said...

Isnt that a sad feeling when it is the last class and there is going to be a big break? LOL. Even when I have been looking forward to the break and things are busy it is a sad day when the last class rolls around. What about using crate games and if you have the video watch the sections on using the crate games to increase motivation and speed....Crickets brother is using those a lot in his agility class and I am finding that transfer of value stuff to be so interesting and you can really get the dogs wound up using some of those games. I guess SG has whole camps now using that stuff to get more speed and motivation. that is just some of the stuff I want to try a little more of with my dogs ;-).

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm sure woo will find some things to keep your mom okhkhupied!

I mean, woo don't want her to lose her training edge!


Dawn said...

wow...all that is making me tired!

Marie said...

I love the weekly re-cap of Tues Class. We'll be looking forward to hearing how the foundation skills are progressing in the meantime.

Diana said...

Sounds like you have great plans! The only thing I can think of to increase speed is dont drill. Some dogs really loose speed when they run the sequence more than once. Work at the time of the day your dog is most excited. Like when you come home after being gone. Or if they are excited when its time to feed. Have the sequence already set up so you can go out a run it once and if you like what you saw, reward, reward, reward. Also if you got the speed you wanted, give them the whole bowl of dinner. Diana

Morganne said...

This was a great reminder:
"Backy-uppy -the handler should never stand past the plane of the jump or she may cause the dog to back jump"

I don't take classes anymore with Summit and I miss them. I can't wait to start with Soleil next year.

Going back and doing the foundation RTH stuff is great. I still work on the extension RTH with Summit because he needs that reminder. I have actually started some flatwork at a walk with Soleil. Mostly pulls and front crosses on the flat.

Sagira said...

Do you ever talk to Linda at the events? How cool is it to be competing in the same ring and someone who is so well recognized?

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Ricky - long time no woof! Am back from holiday (well, from the petsitter actually - it was my humans who went on holiday!) and catching up with all my blog friends!

Honey the Great Dane