Saturday, September 18, 2010

BTCA Trial - Saturday

JWW was first up for me at the trial today! Mom walked the course more than usual to try to really have a plan and stick to it. We had a weird start because the leash runner disappeared and mom and I walked the leash over to the team that went before us. Then we got into position and off we went. Things were going well until #12 - the triple. I kind of tripped or stutter stepped before it but jumped it. Then as we approached #18 - a double - I don't know - I felt something stiff in my back leg and I refused to do the big jump and then missed #19 too and then just took the off-course for the finish.

When we left the course, people were asking if I was ok or was I hurt or something. You know mom - she was a little panicked. She had seen me trip before #12 but thought she had done something at the end to not indicate the jumps properly. We had Jenn's mom Susan look at me and she thought my right thigh muscle was tight. She showed mom how to do some stretches on me and said that in her opinion, I had a sore muscle but not a serious injury and could go on to do the next run. She said I would tell mom if I was hurt. And as a matter of fact, she said two of her Shelties had the exact same thing!

So mom decided to let me try the standard run. Silly mom forgot that the second obstacle was the DW but recovered in time to direct me to it. She thought she saw me willing myself over jumps (not just taking them easily) but I kept going and had no trouble with running up the aframe. It's impossible to see in the video but I did the chute - I very cautiously entered the barrel but came out pretty fast.

At the end of our run, one of our friends said the judge did not call a refusal! Seriously? Wow! We checked my time and guess what? I qualified!!! Thank goodness for the little bit of extra time you get in Exc. A! We passed the judge in the hallway later and mom thanked him for not calling a refusal on the chute and he said that I never stopped moving! WooHoo! He was a nice man!

Here is the video (thanks to my grandma again)!

Since we've been home, mom has done some stretching with me and I have run up and down the stairs a million times following mom everywhere. So maybe it was just a flukey thing? We'll see. Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow morning all fresh and raring to go!

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Congratulations on doing the chute and I'm glad you had a judge who kept his hands at his side so you could earn your Q!

I hope Ricky's leg is feeling better in the morning. If Ricky will let you, you can try lightly massaging the leg too. Oreo refuses to let me massage him. He has much better things to do with his time.

Dawn said...

oh my goodness Ricky! What a day you had! I hope your leg is OK, but if you're doing stairs, you're probably good to go! You did the CHUTE!!!! Yea Ricky! All that training yesterday in all those places paid off! And you have a Q!!!

Have fun tomorrow! Hope it goes great!

Kathy said...

CONGRATS on the Q and HUGE CONGRATS on the chute!!!! Whoooo HOOOOOOOO!!! Maybe it was just like when you mve the wrong way and tweak something for a second, I bet Ricky will be going full speed tomorrow-esp with the stretching-I will keep my fingers crossed. Sounds like you guys had an excellent day!!!!

Diana said...

Congrats on the chute and your runs!! That was werid about the double jump and triple. Hmmm... Who knows. Good luck tomorrow!!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Go get 'em on Sunday!


Brittany said...

Congratulations on the Q! Glad to see you got through the chute ok. Hopefully your leg is feeling better now.

Sagira said...

Way to go Ricky! Glad you go that Q. NICE!

Hopefully it is cooler in there today than it was a few months ago. We didn't want to risk the heat since you never know how it will be in September.

El'bow and Hauwii said...

good job!

El'bow & Hauwii