Sunday, September 26, 2010

Training Challenge #8

We got home from cousin Wilson's house around lunchtime and after lunch we did my training challenge for this week. Nothing too strenuous or demanding today but something that mom does not do enough of - she and I walked my neighborhood walk with dad! I bet you can't believe this is a challenge but it is! I behave totally differently when I do stuff with mom and dad together. Dad's presence gets me really excited so it's harder for me to control myself. We hadn't even tried to walk all together for months and months. I am happy to say I did a good job today! One time I spun once (but did not bark) when a car went by and other than that, I sat and watched each car and then looked to mom for a treat just like I do when it is only me and mom. We all felt good about the challenge and are planning to try it again soon.

I am taking a break from agility for awhile and resting my right back leg. Mom got some conflicting advice over the weekend that upset her but now we have a plan (thanks to Diana who is so good at analyzing video and seeing what is happening) and we're going to rest and see if I get better. Mom is not going to panic or anything. The only thing I seem to be having any trouble doing is pushing off my hind legs to jump - I am acting completely normal where everything else is concerned - so if it is a tight muscle in my thigh then not jumping and using some heat and resting should help. Paws/fingers crossed. I guess it is lucky we have the three-week break from class and if I need to miss the trial on this Sunday, I will. We will wait and see how I am this week. Thank you for everyone's concerned comments from yesterday! We truly appreciate you all!

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

That's funny, Oreo always acts different when Jeff comes along for a walk too. Good job on being a good boy Ricky!

I'm glad you're going to take a rest. I hope that does the trick. Usually, a little R&R is all we need to feel like new again.

Dawn said...

Oh Ricky I hope you are feeling OK! You need to TELL your mama when your leg doesn't feel right, OK? Good job on the walk with Mom and Dad though. Katie is the opposite, she acts real good when her dad is around. Makes me mad sometimes because he never believes me when I tell him stories about her!

Anyway, I think a rest is good, I'm so sorry the weekend didn't go as well as you hoped. But you'll be back! It's just a little setback!!

Kathy said...

yea for doing the training challenge injury and all. Hopefully if there is a little injury, some rest and some nice massages will make it all better, keeping our fingers crossed...Kathy

Diana said...

Great job with the challenge!! I hope the rest works!! Diana

katie said...

What a good challenge Ricky! Maizey is always like walking a kite in a thunderstorm when mehusbandy comes along. LOL I think it's cause when it is just me and her I always pay a lot of attention to her and when he comes we visit and she feels neglected.

Actually that was our challenge this week: on our walks I started ignoring her more, but she still did wonderful! Sorry for not posting again, it ended up being such a crazy week with bringing home our new little brother! But I will get on the ball next week! Trust me we have challenges galore around here! :)

(btw, if you walk regularly and want to join our walking challenge I will be starting a new one next month. You don't have to do the same miles as us, but if you want we will add you and your mom to the list!)

Hope you feel better soon!

Priscilla said...

Ricky, we're so glad the cars are not bothering you as much now!!

Glad that you can have a rest from agility. I'm sure it'll do you good!

Patti and DeBoys said...

Ricky, good job on your walking challenge. Hope you are feeling better soon, rest will help. Maybe you can talk your mom into a massage or two and become a massage junkie like Brutus.

Dawn said...

How are you feeling today Ricky? I've been thinking about you and hoping things aren't too bad with that leg. Are you just trying to get some massages? LOL

Sagira said...

Sure do hope that taking time off helps you heal up and you can come do agility with us again. :)