Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reilly's game

Reilly had a cute idea for a game - he gave me the letter "R" and wants me to list and describe five things that begin with the letter "R." So I'll give it a try.....

1. Ricky - ok, sorry, but that's the first thing I thought of - a really cool little Sheltie who's a big barker - I'm barking real loud right now - can you hear me?

2. Run - one of my very favorite things to do - especially when mom says, "I'm...gonna....git you!" Then I take off and zoom all around my backyard! Plus agility is all about running!

3. Ride - in the car - I get to go to so many great places - parks, hiking trails, lakes, grandparents' house, pet stores, classes........

4. Root - stick my nose down in the grass or in the snow and smell and search out delicacies such as bunny poop!

5. Round - being the herding dog that I am, I love to go 'round and 'round! I do it so much it drives mom crazy some times!

There are my 5 "R" words! So now I am supposed to pick a friend to play the game so I pick Sugar my new Golden Retriever friend and I am giving her the letter "S."

Gotta zoom!



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Sara said...

Run, round, and root - sounds just like Oreo! Shelties have so much in common.

Bree/Reilly said...

My mom says to say - barking is not just a Ricky thing....Reilly's do it too, although not a lot. Run is definitely good.....we do that too...we call it it the skitchum game where I zoom around the yard and mom tries to catch me. Root....yes, do that too....mom says I like to play bulldozer with my nose :) Those are great R words...well done Ricky