Monday, January 5, 2009

The First Real Week of the Year

Well today starts the first real week of the year - meaning back to work and teaching for mom and dad. We did have a great couple weeks off - the weather was actually pretty good for a few days in there and we got out and did some fun walks! Mom took me to our favorite city park a couple of times (she never remembers the camera when we go there for some reason). Dad and mom also took me to the cemetery - some of you might think it's a little creepy and weird to go walking in a cemetery, but this one is a fabulous place to walk - lots of big trees and big areas to wander around in. And unfortunately lots of places to make me pose and not smile for the camera!
On another day we went up to the lake - you know the lake where we went camping back in August. No camping or swimming this time but we did go on a hike.

The water is really low - it's hard to tell in the photo but mom and I are standing on top of a bank and it's about 4 feet down to the ground from there. Usually the water is all the way up to where we are standing.

This is a view from the end of a new trail we discovered.

We have also done quite a bit of backyard agility practice working on some of the handling exercises from Linda Mecklenburg that have been in the last few issues of Clean Run and also just working on speed and faster weaves with harder entries - no video, of course, because mom never gets it together! This week we start our advanced intermediate agility class on Thursday nights. Looking forward to running longer sequences and learning how to handle them. Mom says we are entering our first trial in February (AKC at the barn where we have been going to watch trials since I was a pup). I notice that she hasn't mailed in the entry form yet - I think she's nervous and getting cold feet! Come on, mom, we've been training for a year now and it's time to see what we can do! (I bet she wouldn't be nervous if she knew that I promise to stick with her - no sniffing around - and promise to do the chute!)
When the weather is too cold or rainy we work inside on tricks, etc. We've got a bunch of tricks in the works including backwards circle and rebound. We just saw some excellent videos of these two tricks - one by Sian and one by ChiDaisy.
There are so many good dog trainers posting how-to videos at YouTube! It is a wonderful way to learn new things!
Gotta zoom!


Dawn said...

Yay Ricky! You just tell your Mom you WANT TO TRY and that YOU'LL BE GOOD and I bet she sends in the registration! Have fun!

Josh and Jess said...

Keep at it Ricky! You can do it :) Tell her to mail the forms out, it'll be alright!! Most importantly - HAVE FUN!!!

Ludo van puppy said...

I bet there is lots of good sniffings there.

I sure you will do really good at your trial. Tell your mum to get a move on and give your form to the letter man! Good luck with all your trick learnings.
~lickies, Ludo

Sara said...

We walk in a cemetery almost everyday, so we don't think its weird at all! Lots of cool critters live there.

Send in the form! It's all about fun. I bet the first time is the hardest, might as well get it over with.

Diana said...

There is no way to know if your ready unless you try. If things go bad, then you know what to work on. If things go great, then way to go. Dont stress about it or you will stress your dog. Just go to have fun. If you dog doesnt do something move on and let it go. Things I would do differently if I had to show Guiness again. He wasnt confident at trials like Miley is. I worried he would run out of the ring. So what would I change. First, I would never lead out. This worried him and I didnt recognize it. Next I would never make him repeat an obstacle. I was so focused on doing it right that I didnt do what was right for my dog. Now,if my dog blows by something , I dont sweat it. They are new, just make it fun. Sorry to be so long winded. I just wish someone had told me these things. Have fun. Diana

Latte said...

Go for it, Ricky! I'll cheer for you from where I am! Have fun!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thanks everyone for all your encouraging comments! Mom really appreciates it!

Diana - that's all great advice and we are so glad you shared it with us - thanks!

Tibby said...

Hi Ricky!
It looks like you had a fun time while your pawrents were off work! The lake looks beautiful!

Amber-Mae said...

Hi there Ricky! How have you been?

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Bree/Reilly said...

You can do it little dude......the more practice, the more you get use it.....tell mom to get that letter in the post!!!!

Xsara ... said...

yay, first trial, that is so exciting! I can't wait to read about it (and hope that your mom will remember to take the camera on that day, LOL).