Friday, November 14, 2008

Leaf zoomies

I promise to write a real blog entry soon to catch you all up on what a great agility week we had! But until then, here is a video from our walk in the woods today. The thing about zoomies is you just never know when they might hit you!

Gotta zoom!



testy said...

Yea go Ricky!!!!!!!!!!!! from Dave, Olev, Luis and Chris

Sara said...

You are so silly Ricky! Ah, life is good for you.

I love the musical accompaniment - it went along perfectly.

Lian said...

Hehehe... Ricky is so funny but he definitely looks happy in the video! Like the music though!

Latte said...

Ya, the music is so apt :) You've got loads of energy Ricky. Cheers!

Bree/Reilly said...

zoomies are always calls mine "mad moments" when I suddenly take off racing around and around the sofa and chairs