Friday, November 21, 2008

Class 4, more practice, and cold weather!'s COLD! We are having January weather in November! When mom and I walked this morning, the temperature was 24 but with the wind chill it was 9!! I love it! I say, "Bring it on!" But mom is freezing all the time. So we don't go outside very often. I don't get it - why is it that we are outside all day in the summer when it's 80-90 degrees and I am so hot I can't stand it, but now that the weather is so nice, we spend all our time inside?

Wednesday morning practice went well again this week. We set up the chute in the small ring like last time and practiced it starting with the material folded up a little and progressing to full-length in no time. Mom was happy to see that I was still willing to do the chute and last week wasn't a fluke! We also did well in the big ring on the course.

Last night was our agility class 4. The most exciting news to report is that I DID THE CHUTE in class too - different building, different chute, but I still did it! Hurray! As a matter of fact, mom had trouble keeping me out of it. We were supposed to do a sequence where mom blocks the path to the chute so that I would take a nearby jump and I went straight into the chute! Not what we ultimately want, of course, but mom was very happy to see my enthusiasm. We also worked on some difficult weave entries - a jump at an angle into the weaves, a lead-out push to the weaves, and a jump straight on into the weaves where I had to collect and mom had to make sure to stay out of my way. In the contact section, I did my fastest dogwalk yet - I was actually moving so fast that I had trouble stopping my momentum to do my 2o2o and ended up running right off the end of the walk! I was not used to moving so fast! Our instructor said that I look like a different dog!

This afternoon mom set up a little agility course in the house. We had a tunnel in the kitchen, 6 plungers we got at the Dollar store for weaves, a jump, and a short board for a mini dogwalk. It was really fun! Mom would have me walk-it and then send me into the tunnel while she stayed in the living room, then over the jump and through the weaves while she stayed on the other side of the couch. It ended up being a good distance challenge (I'll be ready for novice FAST in no time!!!). We wanted to take video but we couldn't get the tripod far enough away to get a good view. So we took photos instead to show you our set-up.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Mom says if the temperature is above freezing tomorrow she'll take me to the park! I'm keeping my paws crossed!
Gotta zoom!


Dawn said...

Looks fun! Katie and I go to our second ever agility class tomorrow morning. Can't wait!

Sara said...

Good job on your chute Ricky! Sounds like it is growing on you.

It is cold here too. Brrrr!

Like the plunger weave poles :)

Lian said...

Like your house agility, looks fun!

Diana said...

Fantastic!!! Its pretty cold here too. The only reason I tolerate the 100 degree summers is to have mild winters. I dont know what is going on but today its 45 degrees and the wind is blowing like crazy. Man I hope it gets better. Diana

Latte said...

I've never seen so many plungers in the same home before, wow! Looks fun :)

Ludo van puppy said...

I like your little agility thingy. I'm glad you was brave and did the chute.

Anonymous said...

Those look like super fun things to do when it's cold outside! It's been nice here, chilly in the mornings and less chilly during the day but nice!

Bree/Reilly said...

woo hooo, you did the chute, well done and look at that neat agility coarse your mom made you. you can come and practice in my basement if you want....we have LOTS of room!