Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finally some agility practice video!

Well once again we were inspired by a video that Johann made a few days ago of some of his backyard agility practice. He did a really cool sequence of jumps, tunnel and then weaves at a distance. So mom set up something similar in our backyard but used the tire because she was too lazy to get the tunnel out! We practiced it a couple times yesterday and then got it on video today. We are not super fast or anything, but this was the first time we had tried to do distance work like this. Mom said she was real proud of me!

When we switched and went the other way - weaves and then the jumps - I had never done it before and so that was my first try. Mom knows she could've told me to jump earlier and given better cues, but she was afraid she'd pull me out of the weaves. Next time we try this sequence, she's going to run faster and see if she can get me to go faster too!

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Good boy Ricky!

That is something Oreo and I need to work on. Oreo doesn't like it when I get too far away from the weave poles.

Dawn said...

Good job Ricky! Looks like you speed up for the last of the weaves, when it's the last obstacle...eager for that treat are ya?! LOL

Josh and Jess said...

Good job Ricky! We're impressed. :) We're going to go back to dog school in January, woohoo.

Josh and Jess

Diana said...

Wow, great job. I dont think my dog can do that. Diana

Anonymous said...

Ooo that looks fun! My brother Chase can do that but I can't yet! I am learning!

And I can hear you on the video and I'm barking back at you!!

Bree/Reilly said...

Woo hooo look at the little dude are so clever going through all those weave poles

Johann The Dog said...

Ricky, dude, you rock!!! Turning away into the weaves as a gamble is Masters level gamble stuff dude!

So cool that you can do that already. And your Mum was sooo great about holding her position...really nice job! My Mum tends to move out of position too fast and pulls me off and out. So impressed, we are!

Woofs, Johann

Xsara ... said...

very well done! it's nice to see you progress so beautifully, you rock. and a nice exercise too. we can't wait to go back to our training field, we miss it so much. thank you for sharing the video :)