Monday, June 2, 2008

Snow in June?

What the heck is going on? Is it snowing in June when it's sunny and 80? No, it's cottonwood fluff from the enormous 50+ year-old cottonwood tree that is in our neighbor's backyard.
Yesterday it really started to "snow" heavily. Today it is almost impossible to hang out in the yard. Everything is getting covered with fluff and lots of it gets carried inside the house too. Must be a good way to propagate - those little cottonwood seeds travel far and wide on the wind.
The pictures just don't show how much fluff there is! Maybe if we get rain tonight, there will be less fluff tomorrow. At least that's what mom is hoping!

Gotta zoom!



Johann The Dog said...

Wow, it is snowing there! Look at that....Woofs, Johann

Dawn said...

You are just the cutest dog! I'm enjoying reading about your adventures.

Lacy said...

w00f's ricky, heehee mama says dats da way our yard looks after they gits through brushing my furs out...

b safe,

happy said...

That's some fluffy yard you've got :-)