Sunday, June 8, 2008

Heat Wave!

Here in Ohio we are having a heat wave! Today is supposed to hit 92 with a heat index of over 100! Surely no Shetland Sheepdog was made for this kind of weather! I doubt that it ever gets up to 90 on the Shetland Islands - it's just crazy. The heat has really put the brakes on my agility training and on fun walks in the park (or fun walks any where for that matter)! Mom and I have still been taking our morning walks and it's already hot and sticky at 7:00AM. This morning mom got out my wading pool right after we got home from our walk. I am not a huge fan of the pool (I prefer to bite at the water streaming out of the hose). But I actually got in the pool and found it to be quite refreshing. After we got cooled down, we did practice a little agility and some obedience. Our final class with Deb is this Thursday and it's a mock novice obedience trial. When I took the class last time, I won the trial. So the pressure is on this time to better my performance. That's why we were practicing obedience too. I think I am better on everything except off-leash heeling. I like to lag behind mom. Well, especially when it's HOT!

Our water irises are blooming now. I am admiring them in the photo below. Aren't they a beautiful shade of purple? BTW, I look rather wilted, don't I?

We did a little yard work and gardening this morning and have been trying to stay cool in the house this afternoon. Hope you all are having a great weekend and staying cool too! We might get a break in the heat by Tuesday. I'll keep my paws crossed!

Gotta zoom!



Lacy said...

w00f's ricky, hot here too, 95 at 6:30...dose flowers r bute ti ful, can me chew 'em??

b safe,

Diana said...

I think everyone is hot. We are training at 6:30 am. and it still feels hot. Diana

Anne said...

We are going to the dog park earlier and earlier ... one day we will get there before the gate is unlocked! Today when we got there at 6:50 there were already four of our friends playing -- it's way too hot to be out after 9am! The blacktop burns my feet and my tongue starts dragging! Stay cool ...