Monday, May 12, 2008

Trip to the Vet

This morning mom and I went to see Dr. Jan for my yearly check up and vaccinations. The last time I got any shots, I was less than thrilled. But what puppy is happy about shots when you're just a little guy and they stick those needles in you so many times in so few weeks! Other than that, I had been to Dr. Jan for that nasty cornea scratch back in November - I remember that very well - all those drops in my eye! Yuck! Mom has taken me to the vet office to get weighed and to get heartworm and flea medicine, and I don't mind those trips because I get these really good treats just for going in there and sitting on the scale. So I was feeling pretty good when we walked in the door of the vet office this morning. I stood on the scale again (14.3lbs) and then sat on mom's lap while we waited. When the nice vet tech came to take us into the exam room, I first headed for the door to exit the building, thinking that possibly our getting up meant we were done. Oops, guess I was wrong because mom headed in the opposite direction. Ok so then we were shut in a little room which I remembered from the eye visit (I was a little nervous about that). Two vet techs came in and drew some blood from my leg - not too bad, I took it well. Then we waited for Dr. Jan. I could hear her in the hallway. When she came into our room, I couldn't decide if I wanted to jump for joy (I really like her!) or run for the hills! She gave me a quick exam and with the help of yet another nice tech, gave me my shots, and it was over in a flash! I was back down on the floor, and Dr. Jan gave me a huge biscuit - at first I didn't even know how to eat it but soon figured it out! Then she gave me half of another one! Mom was protesting that she was giving me too much (shh, quiet mom!). Mom didn't want me to get sick from eating so much biscuit that I'm not used to having. I think mom should realize that if I can eat my weight in bunny poop and be ok then I can surely survive eating biscuits at the vet's. Any way after that we said our goodbyes and came home! No big deal really now that it's all over. Hopefully I won't be back in that little exam room for another year, and I can just look forward to seeing Dr. Jan here at my house when she brings her son for viola lessons!

Gotta zoom!


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Johann The Dog said...

Hey there Ricky! My vet gives me, what Mum calls, too many treats too - last time I got a whole handful of mini zukes, and Mum about had a fit! But Auntie Bonnie loves me!!!

Hey we are going to be in Fairfield OH tomorrow and Sunday for a trial at the Game Time Training Complex. I think that may be far for you, but just wanted to let you know!

Woofs, Johann