Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I love doing tricks almost as much as I love agility! Mom and I have been learning new tricks for as long as I can remember. I keep bugging her to help me make a trick video. This week mom finally learned how to use our video camera and the tripod. So with a little planning, we should have a trick video up on YouTube soon! In the meantime, we need some new ideas for tricks. I think we know the basic ones. Right now I am working on walking backwards (eventually I want to weave backwards through mom's legs (I already can do it frontwards), cop cop (standing between mom's legs with my feet on her feet and walking), push a door closed (I do touch and then I do scratch at the door which isn't exactly push!), and today she started teaching me how to nod my head and also to jump over and go under mom while she does a push-up (kind of). I would love to learn to do a handstand, and we've seen some great videos on YouTube about how to teach it. We also love to check out Dog Trick Academy for advice and ideas. We have never done clicker training, so we do the best with tricks that can be taught with a food lure. Mom usually alternates teaching me tricks and teaching me the formal obedience exercises to keep it fun. All she has to say is, "Ricky, do you want to do lessons?" and I'm right there by her side! So if anyone has any good suggestions for tricks, let us know!

Gotta zoom!


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