Sunday, May 4, 2008

The nearby farm

On our way home from the cemetery, we stopped at a farm that is only about a mile from our house. It is part of the local university and kids study agriculture there. We love it because even though it's in the city it feels like you're way out in the country. In previous years, (before I was even born), mom and dad have seen lots of wildlife there - including deer and coyotes! You can see the city is sort of visible in the background - this is not a great picture! Here is one of the cow pastures.
This was the first place I ever saw and smelled cows! Wish I could get out of the car and run after them. All I get to do is watch from the window and bark a little.
This cow came to check us out - she's probably not more than five feet from our car.
We're so glad we had the opportunity to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather - sunny and not too hot! Too bad all days can't be like this one!

Gotta zoom!


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