Thursday, April 21, 2011

tRicky T-Day!

Our YouTube friends Pam and Bandit are the inspiration for this week's trick - learning wide circles for canine freestyle! Mom has wanted to try to teach me this for a long time and finally found out how to go about it from Pam's video. Pam used chairs to guide Bandit around but chairs didn't work well for me. I know a trick where I go under a chair so that's what I wanted to do with the chairs in this trick. So mom got out cones and buckets and that helped. You start out with the cones in a close circle around your mom and then make the circle wider as you figure it out. I started to go around a lot faster as the circle got wider. The next step will be fading the cones/buckets and adding a cue. Mom was saying a lot of "go" and pushing me out with her body. Ideally she should be able to stand in one spot and rotate around. I think my cue is going to be "orbit."

I have tons of fun with this trick and I hope you do too if you try it!

Gotta zoom!



Amber-Mae said...

That was really good! Hoomie Melissa was thinking of teaching this trick to River for his HTM routine for the 1st ever DWD competition in Malaysia this coming June She was thinking of using playpens but it looks like she can just use cones & buckets to train this trick. Thanks for this wonderful video!

Sophie said...

That looks great! Looks like Ricky really enjoyed it when he got to run around the cones as the circle got bigger! He looks so darn adorable doing it, too.

Amy Wood said...

Nice job Ricky! That sure does look like fun and good exercise too. I might need to try that with my pups!

Priscilla said...

You're a clever boy, Ricky!!
I bet your IQ must be real high now :)

I just loved how the circle kept getting bigger, and you had to start jogging to move from one end to another quicker. LOL

Dawn said...

Hey Ricky, was your Mom teaching a zoomie dog how to ZOOM? You showed her, huh! You are the expert ZOOMER!

Diana said...

Whoohoo, go Ricky go!!!

Sara said...

Awwww, Ricky, you look like you are having a blast! What a cool way to teach wide circles. I think we'll have to try it.

Your lawn is looking so nice and green :)

Marie said...

You guys made a lot of progress quickly! I loved how as the circles got larger, you got faster. :-)

Kathy said...

It looks like spring!!! Ricky looks so happy he seems to like that type of work, maybe he wants to be a dancing dog ;-)

Honey the Great Dane said...

Looking good, Ricky!! We always wondered how doggies learnt this trick - thanks for sharing such a great video! You looked like you really enjoyed learning it - I liked it best when you started to go really fast! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Lian said...

Brilliant Ricky! And I love the music too! Well done you! You look so happy in the little video!

Sagira said...

Good job Ricky! I love when you start to run and have fun with it.

Rocket Roxie said...

That trick is FABULOUS!!!
I'll have to try that. Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh - I meant to ask you - I was thinking of making a little compilation of what some of the DWTDS teams have been doing in preparation so far - so would you mind if I included your video?