Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today's Trial

We went to a trial today - the first one since January. I really struggled with the jumps in the STD run and even knocked a bar. Put the video on full screen so you can see - otherwise it is too small.

The JWW course was really good for us - long straight aways. But after I had so much trouble jumping in the STD run, I really didn't feel confident enough to jump in the jumpers. (also make this video full screen or you can't see me walking by jumps).

I had a really good time when mom warmed me up for the runs. We went outside and I did some very attentive circle work and heeling and I was enthusiastic about doing tricks and startline running and stuff. I am not sure what happens to me on the actual course.

Even though we are signed up for two days of a trial on Easter weekend, today might have been my last trial day.

Gotta zoom!



Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I'm sorry that you struggled with the jumps! I can't view the videos on my phone (and can't hobble to the computer yet) but if they're on Youtube I'll try finding them. I can view Youtube videos on my phone, but not ones on blogger, it's weird.

I remember another post where you said something about you had tricks on Facebook, and I found your profile, but it won't let me add you as a friend. I totally understand if your profile is private and I won't be offended, but if you want to add me as a friend you can search by my email, "".

I'm sorry that today wasn't as fun of a trial day, but it's great that Ricky had fun with tricks and games! Whatever you decide about Easter weekend will be the right choice.

Sophie said...

Poor Ricky! Maybe he was just a little too stressed to jump? When he got his speed going he looked really good though.

What a zoomy little sheltie boy :)

Diana said...

Im sorry Chris. Yea, if you , him or both of you arent having fun, then its time to stop. I hope you still train because he seems like he likes that and I like learning from you guys. He is really smart and likes all those tricks. I hope you dont feel to disappointed. Agility is hard. So many problems for all of us.

Sara said...

Oh Chris, I feel like we are kind of in the same mind set about trialing right now.

I saw some really good moments on course, where Ricky looked happy and "with you". But, I know how it feels when your dog is going around obstacles or hesitating. I've wondered at times if I should be entering the ring at all.

Whatever step you decide to take next, I'm on your side and will support you.

Ricky is an awesome dog. I love him to pieces, and you are the best mom for him!

Priscilla said...

I just read all the comments to you.

Maybe trialing just isn't his thing.
I think you should keep doing agility if you think he enjoys it.
And anyway, he is more than an agility dog. Look at all those amazing tricks he can do!!!

As Sara said, we will always support both of you!!

Reilly / Bree said...

Ermmmmm it is April and he hasn't had a trial since January - give the little guy some time get back into the swing of it. It is different when there are more people and dogs around, so of coarse it takes some time to get focused. You KNOW and we KNOW Ricky can do it, he just needs to settle back into a pattern again.

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Sometimes it is just all the new excitement and distractions.

My Human told me about one of my retriever types going onto the agility course then deciding he'd rather gallop up the hill and visit some other dogs. He simply turned and jumped over the little perimeter fence and out of the ring. Yep, left his mistress standing in the middle of the course by herself!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Kathy said...

That had to be a hard day, but maybe you should go to the next trial and do something like just do two or three jumps and run out of the ring, or find a little sequence out of the whole course where you can just do the few obstacles and then go whooping it up out of the ring, if you have paid for them then it seems like it would be great to use them for training and suprise Ricky a little bit,.....shhhhhh....Ricky dont read that part! on the great plus side, great you were able to do tricks and heeling, and the weaves were awesome, love once you deceided the chute was not evil you really did that with gusto and continued to run really well after that.

Kathy said...

PS, what ever you deceide to do, you are so close to Ricky I am sure you will know what is right, and I totally support any decisions you make. YOU AND RICKY ROCK!!!!

Dawn said...

Awww RIcky little buddy, just not your thing right now? Well, you and your Mom can decide what's best...and you can still go to school and have fun and do agility in the back yard, right?

Amber-Mae said...

Perhaps Ricky was just tired from waiting the whole day? When we are tired, we get all sluggish & not perform as well as we usually do. And sometimes we have the mood to do it, the other times we don't.

But we are also like you. When we do our training outside the ring, we do it beautifully with lots of enthusiasm! But the moment we enter the ring, that's when we start lagging & respond to our commands real slow. Our hoomies haven't given up on us yet. They still try. I guess some days is our day & some days it isn't.

You just need a break. Keep practicing your Agility & also do some kind of other sport such as Dancing With Dogs & Flyball (if you're ball motivated). I think you will do well in DWD. Just give them a try. You can win titles in DWD too.

Nicki said...

I remember the day I thought Legend would never like agility again. I thought about quitting, but she was the only dog I had to do agility with and I still wanted to do it. I wiped away my tears, took a deep breath and came up with a plan. We worked on handling, stress, confidence, and never letting her think she made a mistake. If you want more details on the things I did let me know. It took a solid 18 months of hard work and setbacks but I have a great agility dog now and we are both happy.

You might think about doing some NADAC, they allow some training in the ring and the courses are wide open and flowing in most cases.

Just think about it and good luck with everything.

Kathy said...

Love NADAC and that is what I did with my sheltie Chloe when she ws not happy in the ring and NADAC made an agility nut out of her, for awhile we had ALL off courses, which made me so happy because it was because she got so happy and fast that she was taking off on her own. This was a dog that for awhile in CLASS would not do anything but walk and walked around most of the jumps-we plugged away and did not say a word, just let her walk around the jumps and had parties...

Dynomite said...

Well you did all that you can do and thats what counts. Good Job Ricky!
Hey I'm back! Yeah sometimes I get nervous too. All the pressure!
Sorry you had trouble, but keep going through it at home and you'll do great!

Amy Wood said...

Sorry to hear you missed some of the jumps. Glad you had fun during the warm ups!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh Ricky -

Of khourse, woo've akhkhomplished way way more than I khould evFUR do!

But yes: it is supposed to be fun - and if it isn't, maybe there is your sign -


Lian said...

Hi Chris, I am just trying to catch up with all bogs and I am sorry to see how Ricky struggled to jump. May I suggest to get him check out by a physio? I have watched the video a a few times and I am sure I saw him measuring each jump. He probably isn't right at certain part of his body but he tried to jump for you if he can. Also, resting is needed before you decided you are stopping. As I remembered Ricky was a happy boy doing agility in your back yard so that mean he is liking the agility. Do not get upset about it, find a canine physio and see what he/she thinks about Ricky. Hugs to you and Ricky x

Johann The Dog said...

It wasn't that long ago you two that we faced the same decision...and look at us now! We know that whatever you decide will be the right decision for you two...

BTW - love, love, love how you handled the chute in that first vid Chris, very nice, very nice...

Morganne said...

Emma (Summit's big speckled sister) says agility trials are overrated and it is much more fun to play in class and the backyard.

I'm sure you will do what is best for Ricky and you'll both continue to share that wonderful bond.

Sagira said...'re so silly. You know what to do. You just don't want to help your mom out do you? hehe We both had bad days at the trial but it is still fun to go and watch.

Marie said...

Ricky, I can't tell you how much I wish I could figure out a way to give both you and Dare confidence about jumping. Maybe one of these days your mom and I will come across something that will make it all make sense. In the meantime, know we're thinking of you and if you ever need someone to talk to that struggling with a similar challenge, please don't hesitate to hollar at us!