Sunday, January 2, 2011

POTC AKC Trial Sunday

Happy New Year everybody! Grandma, mom and I went to one day of a trial today - my first trial since September when my back hurt and I was refusing jumps all over the place. In December we went to practice doubles and triples at my club every Wednesday and I've been doing very well there. So our goal was to do the jumps and have fun.

First up was the standard course. It was pretty twisty-turny and had turns after each spread jump. I don't know if you can see on the video but the triple jump (#6) had wings and they put the wings in line with the middle jump of the triple and not with the highest bar. A lot of dogs misjudged it and crashed. I fell into that trap too and knocked the top bar (although it is also hard to see in the video). But mom was glad that I recovered from that - I was not fast and I was very careful over all the rest of the jumps, but I did not refuse them. I even did the double at #14. I did the chute with just the tiniest bit of hesitation - really one of my best chutes in a trial. And of course my finish was fast - :)

After that was JWW. The course was fairly simple so don't you know, mom had to go and mess it up! I started out slow but steady. Then mom got to #7 and forgot what she was doing and took me over the off course (#13). I'm sorry but that was just plain stupid!! She got back on track and I skipped jump #13. I think it was because mom yelled so enthusiastically about me clearing the double at #12 that she threw me off! (Too bad my jumping of #13 earlier didn't count). I did the spread jumps and I flew through the tunnel at the end!

(Sorry but the first 3 jumps of the STD run are not in the video - the video starts at #4 teeter - thank you grandma for videoing though - we really appreciate it!)

So no Qs today but some positive things happened I guess. In two weeks we are going to try our first-ever USDAA trial. It is being held at a training building not far from here. I am going to run in Performance Starters. At the performance level I can jump 12" and there are no spread jumps! (If I jumped at the championship level I would have to jump 16" and mom doesn't want me to). We'll see if we like it. I am going to do Gamblers on the first day and we don't really know how to do it - I think it is like FAST, right?

Well, the holidays are over and mom and dad go back to work this week. I like having them at home with me but I am thinking that I won't have a problem taking some good long naps!

Gotta zoom!



Diana said...

Well done! What a fast chute and he took the doubles and triples without a problem. Excellent job!
I don't know why, but USDAA trials seem to move much faster than AKC. Gamblers is kinda like FAST, except you attempt the gamble when you here the buzzer. So you have 30 sec (I think) to do your opening. I usually use a watch to time my opening so I'm close to the gamble when the buzzer rings.

Sara said...

Great Job Ricky! Nice chute! You always seem to speed up and go super fast at the end of the must smell that chicken!

Great idea trying out USDAA. I'm anxious to hear how you like it. I know people that do it around here really like it, but for some reason I've been intimidated to give it a try.

Priscilla said...

I thought you did a great job in both runs!!! Well done Ricky :)
How sweet of your Grandma to video your runs for you.

Pepper said...

Great job for your first time back! I dont really know how agility works over where you guys live, you have alot more different associations for agility than we do here (with the grand total of one!) and heaps of different competitions and divisions but I can't wait to see how you go at the USDAA trial.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm sure she'll do better next time -

Maybe woo should have her prakhtice a few extra times this week!


Johann The Dog said...

Ricky you are so darn cute!!! I saw how you got all giddy and fast on that last run after your Mum gave you a big yeah, good boy!!!

Ooooo, USDAA, you will have fun, we love USDAA!!! I remember my very first gamblers, Mum made a big ole loop of the obstacles and planned so she would end up near the gamble by the time the buzzer went off. It was great timing (luck I think :) And then I had to do three jumps straight to a tunnel u-shape and then jump up on the table. I remember she grabbed me up and gave me big smooches, she was so proud....Have so much fun!!!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Happy New Year, Ricky!

I'm so glad that you were able to go to this trial, and did so well! I'm glad you were feeling well enough to go. I love watching you run agility!

Dawn said...

Great runs Ricky! I can't wait to hear about USDD..or whatever it is! :)

Marie said...

Nice job on your return to trialing! I hope you and your mom both enjoy USDAA in a couple weeks. :-)

Diana said...

Oh, one more thing about Gamblers. Listen at the briefing becuase sometimes they have rules like, "no back to back contacts" or "no consecutive contacts". It depends on what the judge wants to do. So it can be different every day. Just to keep you on your toes. LOL But dont worry, its fun! Diana

Reilly and Bree said...

You did pawsome as usual Ricky and looked quite at ease. It will be nice to take some nice long naps while the folks are at work, I am rather partial to them myself.

Morganne said...

Awesome job Ricky! And you will LOVE USDAA! Gamblers is like FAST except you can't attempt the distance challenge until the horn blows.

Sagira said...

You still did a good job Ricky!

Good luck at your new trial.