Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun Agility!

We did go to the club for agility practice this morning and I had fun! No agility in 10 days seems to have agreed with me! I did FAST weaves and teeter and tunnels and had no hesitation on jumps including the double. Mom didn't babysit me at the double today either - she ran past it and she made me do it as part of a 180. Of course, I am really comfortable in that building but I am still proud of myself!

Wish we had video of my agility but we don't. Mom also had me practicing with my dumbbell. I am not very confident there yet and won't go and retrieve it. But I did get better at walking with it and we got a little video of that. We need to practice in other places a lot more so that I can feel confident outside of the house.

Now for something non-dog related - mom and dad are playing a concert tomorrow night that is supposed to be a gala celebration of the orchestra's 60th birthday. But because nothing ever is really easy in the music world around here check out the controversy surrounding the famous soloist for tomorrow's event:

This concert should be totally sold out but as of Saturday there were still many tickets available. Crazy. Too bad people don't realize what they are missing!

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

What a shame. Americans, unfortunately, thrive on controversy, even when there is absoultely no reason for it.

Glad you had a fun time at agility! Don't they always run fast & happy when there's no one to video you?

You look so cute walking with the dumbbell in your mouth.

Sagira said...

Good job on the agility Ricky!
Nice dumbbell work as well.

Oh exciting that you live with famous and talented people. Good luck at their concert! :)

Diana said...

How exciting to hear about your agility training day. WhooHoo!!

Sorry about the controversy, hopefully it all goes well.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I'm glad you had a fun agility day!

That's so cool about the concert - if I lived closer, I'd totally buy a ticket! My brother would too. He loves classical music (especially piano) and I love it too, but he's very into it. He's taking all these Advanced Placement music courses in his high school.

I hope people will just chill out and listen to the music!

Sam said...

Wow, I remember a time when you wouldn't go near a dumbbell. I think that's a huge improvement!!

Glad you had lots of fun today. My first issue of Clean Run EVER (got it as a Christmas present) came today, and I am excited to try some of the exercises. Unfortunately, with this weather, it doesn't look like I'll be training anytime soon!

Johann The Dog said...

Yeah on the training!!! Mum's thinking about stopping the video taping, just cause she knows we'll be super, BOL! Hope the concert went well!

Kathy said...

WOW, look at that dumb bell work and carrying it even in a different place and what a good trainer you are taking the trick on the road, FANTASTIC, weird the concert not selling out right away...

Lian said...

Good job Ricky, carrying the dumbbell in different places, really cool! Sounds like you enjoying the agility.

Hope the concert goes well.

Priscilla said...

Have a great concert with Lang Lang. I hope that despite all that, the audience will still come and hear him perform.

Ricky, you are doing so well with your dumbbell! I am envious!!! Glad you had such a great class. Maybe a break was just what you needed too!

Dawn said...

Good job with that dumbell Ricky!! You are so cute with it!!

Tell Mom I would SO be there if it wasn't a 4 hour commute and on a weeknight! Hope she and your Dad have a great concert!

Reilly / Bree said...

You were pawsome with the dumbell! You are such a clever little guy. We hope your mom and dad have a great time at the concert and don't worry about the controversy, seems like if some people don't have something to complain about, they are not happy.

Ludo van Doggy said...

So glad you had a good time at agility. I always more excited if I hasn't done something for a while.
You is so good at your dumbell now!!

What a shame about the concert. People is so silly!
~lickies, Ludo

Marie said...

Great job with the dumbbell and woohoo for a fun day of agility training too!

I hope you enjoy the concert and if people want to miss out on something great, that's there problem.