Thursday, December 9, 2010

tRicky T-Day!

Sorry but we really ain't got nothing! LOL! Mom has been working with me on signals - you know, for open obedience - where I am a little distance away and I sit, down, come on hand signal alone. Some times it seems like I know what I am doing and some times I don't! And we have been working more on holding the darn dumbbell! Look at the video - mom says I know what "hold it" means but she can't at all figure out how to get me to WALK while holding it! (this is a new video from today but it is very similar to our other dumbbell videos - I'm beginning to think mom or me is the actual dumbbell!)

Yesterday we went to open agility practice at the club for the first time since June! It was so cold outside and we needed an indoor activity. I got to practice lots of doubles and triples. Two other people there with their dogs were also having trouble with the spread jumps. Those dogs were crashing them - especially the one dog. If her mom ran with her, she jumped fine. But if her mom lead out and was standing there without moving, then she totally came crashing down right on top of the triple! We're sorry to say that her mom got mad at her for knocking down the bars. We think the dog is doing the best she can but maybe we are wrong since we really don't know them at all. Mom ran with me each time and I once again didn't fly freely over like I used to maybe last year, but I didn't refuse and I didn't knock the bars down. Mom also changed the way the jumps looked by adding extra jump standards or on the triple she took all but the highest bar off and then added the bars. We also had fun doing some obedience in the warm up area. It was good for us and we are going to try to go every Wednesday this month.

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Ricky, you have such a cute face! We're working on a "bring it to me" trick too....not going so well. Ricky is doing a great job "holding"!!!! Wow!

Good for you for getting out to your club to practice! We are soooo lazy (at least I am, I don't know about Oreo).

Sagira said...

Good hold it Ricky! I took a retrieve class at CATC and totally helped dad through it. He didn't practice with me like he should have but I always made it seem like we practiced for hours.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo look like woo are in a trance with the dumbbell!


Kathy said...

Poor baby getting yelled at for knocking the bars, and you wonder if that person really trained the factors involved, like if they have not trained movement or independance how fair is it to expect that, or the poor pup may just have had a shadow, or be sore or tired, I can see not rewarding but I hate when I see that.
As for the dumb bell Ricky has to be the CUTEST obediencer doggie I have ever seen!!!!! EVER!!!

Lian said...

Lovely HOLD Ricky! You are so clever!

Dawn said...

Once you've got that dumb dumbbell you don't like you want your Mom to take it back! LOL...that look in your eye is "DON'T TOUCH MY DUMBBELL!" Of course I was watching it without sound so a little Katie girl wouldn't get all excited...

Glad you had fun at school!

Diana said...

Rickys face is soooo cute in the video.

Im glad you got to go practice.
I dont think any dog would crash a jump on purpose. It cant be a positive experience. I agree with what Kathy said. That person must have left out some training. Diana

Marie said...

Hey, Dare was working on Obedience yesterday too. :-) She doesn't hold the dumbell as nicely as Ricky though. She's doing really well at retrieving on both flat and over the jump though.

Bummer that the person got after the dog for crashing. I'm glad that you and your mom had a good time at the practice.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hee! Hee! Don't worry, Ricky - I'm like you too - I don't multi-task well either! :-) It took me a long time to learn to hold the dumbbell and do other things too at the same time - it might take a while but I'm sure you get it!

Has your human tried running backwards away from you, calling excitedly, as soon as you pick up the dumbbell? This worked very well for me.

(I didn't learn this by sitting & holding it first - I learnt it the other way round - through shaping using clicker and starting with the dumbbell on the floor and gradually nosing it, then mouthing it, then picking it up, then running to Hsin-Yi with it, then Sitting with it in front of her, then finally presenting it to her.)

Also, the other thin my human did was to play Tug with the dumbbell when I brought it to her. (Gasp! Yes, I know - you're not supposed to play silly games during training! But my human finds that I often learn things better if they are not so "formalised" - it's always easy to fade out the "games" part later, when I have learnt it) - because I love playing Tug and know my human is going to grab the dumbbell and play it with me when I get to her, this made me more inclined to a) take the dumbbell to her and b) not drop it on the way. Gradually, as I got better at the whole thing, my human faded the Tug game out and just asked me to release the dumbbell when she put her hand on it (although she still occasionally rewards me with an exciting Tug game when I take the dumbbel to her - just to keep me guessing and motivated!) :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Nicki said...

That dumbell stuff can be tough. Good luck Ricky!