Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Practice at the club

We went to open agility practice at our club again today! It was very fun! I have been so cooped up in the house with not much exercise so it was great to be able to go somewhere and do agility!

Mom warmed me up with obedience and tricks again and then we worked on the double and triple jumps and the chute. I hadn't seen the chute there in many months but today I went through it with zero hesitation! We had a curved tunnel set up so that I could go in the tunnel and come out and do the double (this time set up with wings to make it look different). I did all the jumps - no refusing, no knocked bars. Of course, I am pretty relaxed at the club so stress is not usually a factor.

The woman with the dog who was crashing the triple last week was there today too. Her dog did much better. And mom talked to her quite a bit and found out a little more about their training, etc. After talking for awhile, mom admitted that she had been upset last week at watching the dog get punished for knocking the bars. But the woman said it has been years and years of trying many training options and that since her dog just doesn't care if she crashes, she has had to figure out something to make an impression on the dog. She said she hates it too but the way she is working with her dog now is the only thing that has improved the situation. Mom felt a lot better about it all and was really glad they talked!

Actually the woman was super nice and gave us some good advice. They discussed the possible ETS issue and the woman just said - so what if he has it or doesn't - you still have to come up with ways to help him. (something along those lines). Made sense to mom and me. She also thinks that dogs who don't hold their startline stays are often just stressed (as opposed to super excited to run) and that while she trains the dog to have a good stay, she always runs with the dog at a trial. She thinks mom is getting too far ahead of me and that is demotivating me. Like mom should stay with me when I come out of a tunnel and drive towards the next obstacle (yes, we have heard that before but had been trying other things - always experimenting a little). I did a jump to the tunnel and mom yelled GO GO GO at me while I was in the tunnel and I sped up quite a bit. Also if I come out of the tunnel and am headed for the double for instance, mom should tell me - BIG jump - as I am exiting so I can focus faster on the jump instead of focusing on mom first. And the woman thinks that if I do speed up more and get a little more power I might have less trouble getting over the big jumps or if I take off too early, I will have the momentum to clear the jump any way and have more confidence approaching the jump too. So even though mom has always been a cheerleader for me out there, she might need to do even more and be more assertive about it.

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Lots of great ideas in that last paragraph! I know our shy dog seminar instructor told us to always talk to our dog when they are in the tunnel, so we stay connected, and when there is a tough obstcale coming up (like the double for Ricky) to start enouraging BEFORE the obstacle. Sounds like you tried both those things out today!

Glad you got out and had fun. We're freezing here, and stuck inside most of the time.

Diana said...

Its been freezing here too. Sounds like training went great! That is so wonderful.

I do think some dogs do break their stay because of stress. Their owner is getting to far from them, they get nervous and break. But not all dogs. I dont think that is why Miley breaks. She is excited and cant control herself.
Congrats on the great training day!! Diana

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm sure woo will help your mom with the training she needs!


Priscilla said...

So many great ideas for your mom. I'm glad your mom talked to that woman too. It seems like she has quite a lot of experience in the area :)

Marie said...

Nice to hear that you had another really good practice this week! I was also happy to hear that your mom got to talk to the lady about why she reacted the way she did when her dog knocked the bars.

I hope some of the suggestions work for you. Please let us know! Dare and I are working on jump grids right now. I guess I should post about it.

Morganne said...

Interesting about your Mom getting too far ahead might slow you down. Last year when my Mom was taking a seminar with Mary Ellen Barry, she was told that she was sending me too long of a distance and getting too far ahead of me on the course and that eventually, this would slow me down. I like it when my Mom is running closer to me.


Reilly and Bree said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful work out and it's always nice to share some ideas with other people.

Sagira said...

It is always nice to hear thoughts that others have that might help you out. Glad you had a good time. :)