Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sequence from this Tuesday's class

I am finally getting around to posting a video of a sequence from class this week. It is not earth-shattering or anything, but something mom wanted to think about, practice, and hopefully remember. Ok, first of all, imagine that the tire is a teeter and the jump/weaves in the background is the dogwalk (that's how it was set up in class). When everybody ran this, lots of dogs were turning wide after jump #2 (the teeter/tire is #1) and looking at the dogwalk. Most of the handlers were moving laterally after the teeter/tire and sending their dog to #2 and then front crossing close to #3 on the landing side. This was causing the dogs to turn wide and possibly even think that #3 was to be layered. So Jenn said for the handler to send the dog to #2 and move laterally and run close to the take-off side of #4 and do the front cross there (downstream). And Bingo! All of us dogs turned nice and tight and not one of us came through the gap between #2 and 3! I think this is a good skill to have and one that could be easily forgotten or overlooked by relative newbies like mom!

Did you all see me coming over the last jump and kind of swerving and aiming for the side of the jump to go over every time? Why do you think I am doing that?

Gotta zoom!



Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Very nice!

I have no idea why you were swerving. Maybe the first time or two you saw a shadow, and then it became patterned?

Diana said...

Ohh that is a good skill. Thanks. What is that green thing on the grown right where he is swerving. It looks like a ball? Is it just a leaf? Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Yes, there were only leaves - no toys or rocks or anything weird!

Diana said...

To me, it looks like he thought that leaf was something he wanted not to step on. Diana

Sagira said...

Hmm..that is pretty weird. I have NO clue why you are doing that.

You could hold an agility trial in your backyard with all your practice gear. haha.

How is your violin playing coming along?

Also...Bokeh is a photography term, it is the fuzzy part of a photo. :)

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

maybe your mom turned her foot in? see what happens if she keeps running straight, with her arm up higher?, or, instead of the front cross, she could do it all from thr middle. You have such a nice yard. we have a hill :(
your pals, Morgan & Maisie

Lian said...

To me, it looks like he wasn't sure to take the last jump in the first run. I can't see where you stand (you weren't in the video) and your way of handling, so it could be you slight push it so he swered; then the 2nd one is nearly the same and the last two are identical. He swered at the same path, it could have become a pattern. If that is the case, your "good job/ good Ricky" has become a reward.

Sara said...

I did notice him swerving, and thought maybe there was a divot in the ground or something. Of course, that is because I'm thinking of my yard which is full of divots!

I also noticed how much more amped up he was when you started off running with him. I know Ricky has a rock solid stay....what is you tried putting him in a sit/stay, then you start running, and release him while you are running? I wonder if that would make him run really fast to catch up to you on the startline?

Just a thought. I could never do that with Oreo, because if I started running, he would too. LOL.

Kathy said...

You guys have the best classes, we were practicing our lateral sends after you were talking about it and gosh Cricket and Breeze were doing them so well and in class last week we were the only dogs not to be sucking to a dog walk right in front of jump 2, because I did the lateral send-so Ricky you got to tell your mom we said Thanks for all the hints she gives us!!! I thought maybe Ricky was going to come in a little closer to you after that front cross-like he thought about going into handler mode, then saw your arm out a little and then did that herding veer out and then squared himself up to the jump???? hahaha, just a guess or he did not like the look of a certain leaf?
Good Job Ricky!

Marie said...

I'm not sure what caused the swerve. And I know I say this every week, but I love that you share your classes with all of us!

Priscilla said...

Hi Ricky, I'm sorry that I can't figure out what made you do that kind of swerving. Sigh!!! How I wish I could do some agility with Eva too. Well, we still do what she can manage at home!