Friday, November 26, 2010

Finally - Tuesday's Class!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! I spent the day with my Cousin Wilson! It rained almost nonstop all day but around 2:00PM we had a little break and mom took Wilson and I outside to play. Wilson fetches the ball and I herd Wilson. Very fun!

Any way, finally a post about my class this week. I was very good again and did everything right! The only problem (not a problem for me, but...) was that I am still scanning the floor for food (of course) and while I keep going and don't actually stop (yay for me), Jenn says it is slowing me down and mom really needs to work with me on it (oh no).

Our skills drill for this week was working on the teeter and independence. I have a good but excruciatingly slow teeter. But I can be recalled over it and can be rear crossed, front crossed, blind crossed, and continue to do it when mom is a long way away from me laterally. So if I ever learn to tip it faster - look out!

The main theme for this class was box work. It was not a very tight box set-up and we did well with it. We also had some tunnel entrance discriminations in the sequences we ran.

We made a video of the part of a sequence that we most want to remember. The first time we did it, mom did a forward motion front cross (fmfc) and it worked well but she needed to remember to get her outside arm up sooner as that is what is cuing me to the turn. The other way to deal with this sequence was to do a lead out and be in the directed jump recall position. I didn't know this but this recall is named after the directed jump exercise in open obedience. Now it makes more sense! Until Tuesday, we didn't really know how to do it (even though mom had studied it).

Here's what we tried in the video:

1. FMFC - late outside arm
2. FMFC - better outside arm cue
3. Directed jump recall - mom is standing behind the right-side jump standard of #2 and trying to face forward where I would be enroute to jump #2
5. Directed jump
6. Directed jump - mom finally trusted me to take #2 and moves out of position earlier - this is really how it should be

Gotta zoom!



Dynomite said...

Good Job Ricky boy it looks cold!
Awesome Awesome You're the dog
Nice Jumping of course you always do great

Sara said...

Well, I spent the first minute of the video looking at your mom's hair, thinking, "Hmm, she must be letting her hair grow." Kept staring at it...then, realized, duh, she's wearing ear warmers! LOL.

I think I need to go back and hit "replay", because I know I missed some stuff :)

Priscilla said...

Awesome job, Ricky!!!
Your list of what you did in the video made following it a lot easier!

Kathy said...

LOOKS GREAT, Ricky looks so happy, sounds like he is being a super star in class. Does Ricky have a tippy board to play making the board tip?

Diana said...

Great job and thanks again for the lesson. I do have one question because I cant see you at the end of the run. Does Ricky get a treat there and then again at the start line. Or is the treat at the start line the treat for doing the sequence correctly? Just wondering. Diana

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That sounds like our Thursday too -

We do have SUNshine now!

I've gotten some good tree time!

Great video!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Diana - well, in that instance, I was trying to keep things moving and I was moving him to the startline and treating him then. Usually after I run a sequence, I treat him at the end (and then intermittently at the startline). Did you think it was good or bad to wait so long? Maybe. He was engaged the entire time though...

Kathy - no I don't have a tippy board but I have a small teeter at home which is not weighted so it isn't as hard to make it tip. He doesn't mind the motion but I never had access to a real teeter enough or knew how to teach him to run to the board and ride it down.

Sara - LOL! That video was not about whether I am growing my hair out or not!! Ha! Please don't be looking at me that closely any way - LOL!

Diana said...

There is nothing wrong with it , I was just courious. Diana

Sagira said...

Sounds like you and your cousin had a great time. :)

Good job on the video Ricky.

Dawn said...

Great lesson Ricky! Thanks for sharing! You look like you're moving very fast!

I didn't notice the ear muffs. Now I have to go back and hit replay....

Marie said...

You know one of the bonuses to being slow about reading everyone's blogs? I get to read everyone's comments besides watching your video and reading your post. I had to laugh when I read that Sara was distracted by your "long hair". LOL

Anyway, back to your post. As always I love reading Tuesday's wrap-ups. Thanks for sharing!