Thursday, February 25, 2010

tRicky T-Day! and Finally Some Agility!

I promised to do a tRicky T-day video this week so I kept my promise and here it is:

We've been working on this under arrest trick for awhile and I still don't really do it as well as mom would like me to. She has to cue me most of the time with "arrest, feet" and point to the wall. Sometimes I get confused and want to do my "corner" trick since it involves the wall too. Mom is hoping I will eventually just go put my feet on the wall and stay there while I get "frisked" (I don't like to stay up there) and then wait until she says "Ok!" But at least you can see where we are in the process - it's not a super hard trick or anything but mom thinks it's kind of cute.

I FINALLY got to do some agility this week! Monday was our last class with Jenn for awhile (until April). In this class we ran a course that Jenn set up to test us on all the moves we have learned in the past 6 weeks. So mom did a forward motion front cross (people who did lead-outs used a foundation recall to heel), a parallel send, another FMFC (that wrapped me around a wing jump and into a tunnel), a rear cross, the serpentine recall to heel, another rear cross, another front cross and then a tunnel-entrance discrimination. I ran the course fairly well considering I was a multi-tasking, swivel-headed, distracted dog (once again knowing for sure that everything I saw as I ran by was FOOD). After the run-through, we had to practice the hardest parts in smaller sequences. Then I was a little more focused.

Today we went to practice at our club. It was very quiet - not many people came today - so mom and I were the only ones in the building during my first turn in the ring. I was much more focused today and ran really fast -we did lots of rear crosses too! I even slipped in the weaves on the metal base because I was going so fast (fast for me, remember, not Miley-fast!). Wish we had video because I also did well during my second turn.

Doing agility felt good! I get one more chance this week - another practice on Friday. Then we have to cross our paws/fingers that the snow in our backyard melts and allows us to practice out there because I have a trial on March 7th and mom works that week and we can't get to any of the indoor practices. Let's all pray for warm weather!!!!! After all, Spring is only 24 days away!

Gotta zoom!



Sam said...

Oh wow, I love that trick! I want to teach Marge that now!

We're still waiting for the backyard to dry up, too. It seems like it's going to be a long while before we do agility outside. Good luck at your trial!

Kathy said...

GREAT TRICK! Sounds like at least you guys are getting in a lot of great practice.

Pepper said...

Thats a great trick!
Oh no, if you're only 24 days away from spring that means that we are 24 days away from Autumn, yay for you guys, boo for us.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That's a pawesome trikhk!

I'm glad woo got to do some of your agility stuff!

I know it helps keep your mom out of trouble!


Priscilla said...

What an awesome trick

Good luck with your agility trial :)

Diana said...

Great trick! Im glad you finally got to do some agility. Ill keep my fingers crossed for warm weather for everyone. We dont have snow but Im sick of cold rain. Diana

Sara said...

Love the trick! Too cute! That is going to be a great one for us to help increase Oreo's strength after we're given the "ok".

Glad you got to do some agility this week. Spring will be here soon...soon your mom will be complaining its too hot! LOL.

elbouwii said...

love the trick!
lets watch again! :D

El'bow & Hauwii

Dawn said...

Wow! Great trick Ricky!! That frisking thing though? Shouldn't it be a MAN cop doing that? After all...

Hope it drys up quick for you and your Mom to practice agility in your own yard. And good luck on that trial too!

Marie said...

Great trick! I always love watching you and your mom coming up with new ideas for tricks to share. You're awesome.

As for better weather...I sure hope it's on it's way. We're just getting more snow again today. :-P I hope it dries out quickly for you and that you get some training done in the yard before the 7th! :-)

Fizz said...

Haha, now that is one pawsome trick ricky! What a great idea. I been so bizzy, I not had time for tricky t-day :-(

So glad you got to do your agilities again.

Fizz xx

Xsara and Tani said...

I can feel your pain, we are currently staying at the seaside because there is no snow here and we can train normally, but in Ljubljana there is so much snow, it's impossible to train there! Cool trick :)

Xsara and Tani said...
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Honey the Great Dane said...

Gosh, Ricky - your human is always coming up with cute, imaginative tricks! :-)

Ludo van Doggy said...

That does be a cute trick! Mum doesn't think I will stay still long enough to be able to do that!
Agility practice sounded very good. I so miss doing agility at the moment.
Roll on summer!
~lickies, Ludo

Lian said...

Wonderful trick! Good Job Ricky! I don't think I can teach my boys that trick.