Friday, February 19, 2010

Catching up

Mom has been busy working this week so I haven't had a chance to tell you anything that has been going on. Our yard is still completely snow-covered and mom made some trails for me so that I could run and play. Before that I couldn't go any where out there - the snow was just too deep. Yesterday and today we have had a little melting but the forecast is for MORE snow Sunday and all next week. Hard to believe.

On my birthday Monday we did get to go to class since it was in the morning. I think it would've been canceled had it been an evening class because we got tons of snow that day. Any way, the class was more a present for mom - there was a lot of talking and explaining and very little actual doing agility! Bummer for me. It was week 6 and we worked on backy-uppy's and extension recall to heel - so two more of the APHS recalls to heel. It was confusing to mom and she thinks she needs another lesson on both but especially the backy-uppy and we don't even think we can explain them to you. I know one thing we tried was a threadle using the backy-uppy. You know how we usually write out these long and drawn out recaps of class? Apparently not this week! LOL! Next week is our last class and we'll be running a course and trying to put some of our new knowledge to work! We did find out that Jenn found a new building to teach in so classes with her start again in April! WooHoo!

With mom working, we couldn't go to any practices this week but we're going twice next week! Here in the house we are working on learning a few new tricks and we apologize for not having a tRicky T-day video ready yesterday. Next Thursday we'll do something, I promise.

Today was actually sunny - probably the second sunny day of the entire month and we went for an awesome snowy walk at my favorite park. Then I got to go to Pet People and we bought more pumpkin and also my special bedtime-snack biscuit. And now I am trying to get some well-deserved rest:

Gotta zoom!



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I only got a dusting on Monday - bummer!

My bakhk yard snow is slowly sinking but I'm still having SNOW much fun!

I hope woo khan grab that nap!


Nat said...

I definitely understand how handling can be confusing. All that technical stuff!! I don't use one specific handling system; I use mostly the Derrett system with elements of APHS. They both sound good to me, lol. I bet sticking to one handling system would help me, though! Have fun at your last class!

Wall-e hangs his head off like that too sometimes, haha!

Priscilla said...

That's a bummer for this week. But next week you'll be having so much fun. The snow will probably be going soon, so you better get the most of it!
Have fun resting :)

Sara said...

It has been a crazy winter for much of the country. We have been so lucky. We've only used our snow blower 2x.

I'm glad your class is going to continue in April! You two are going to be APHS experts.

Kathy said...

whooo hooooo glad you are going to be able to continue your classes with Jen, I bet your mom is happy about that! That snow sounds insane!

Morganne said...

Ricky, my Mom failed the Extension Recall To Heel exercise at the seminar. Somehow she misunderstood the importance and since I have no problems with extension, she didn't really work on it.

My Mom is jealous that you get to train with Jenn Crank!

Diana said...

More snow, Yuk! I feel for you guys esp. since you havent had sun either. Yea, Miley always thinks the talking part is boring too and wishes we could get started. LoL Diana

Abby and Aiden said...

You have been keeping busy! Our mom had to make us trails too in the snow. A lot of ours has melted though, and now it is raining. Yard is very muddy, but we don't mind (mom does though)!