Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where did the week go?

We made this ridiculous snowman on New Year's Eve day - mom says she hadn't made a snowman since she was a kid. I had a great time scratching at it and barking at it. The snow that morning was super wet and perfect for packing. But by the next morning, Mister Snowman had already fallen over and since then he's just been an ugly lump of snow in the yard!

Don't know where the whole week went. We try to get outside for walks and a little playtime in the frigid, snowy weather. We're working on my emergency whistle recall in the house. Mom tried to use food as a distraction and that didn't work too well - I couldn't react to the whistle - I could only think about the food on the floor. So it's obviously too early for distractions (mom's always in a hurry). We are still trying to figure out a way to put Flip videos into WMM software and /or looking for another solution. And we tried to make a tRicky T-day video of some new tricks we're working on but it didn't go very well. It would've been all bloopers and no tricks! So I guess it was a "trying" week! BOL!

Gotta zoom!



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We all have trying days weeks months and years!

Here's to this week being LESS trying!


Sara said...

Kudos for trying! As a special ed teacher, I would say, "That's all that matters, is that you tried."

Love the snow man.

Diana said...

The weather hasnt been nice for anyone. Good try! Diana

Dawn said...

Nothing happens until you try...right? I LIKE the snowman...Katie would be barking at it in "wasn't there yesterday MOM! DANGER DANGER!" Ricky looks very distinguished with his yard guest.

Priscilla said...

Well done for trying.
Don't worry. Your snowman is uber cute with the cone hat xD and well done Ricky for posing so beautiful by it. xD

Kathy said...

LOL, it does sound like a TRYING week. Glad there is always an end to the week when those come along, LOL