Saturday, January 2, 2010

AKC Puli Club Trial Saturday

We went to the trial today that is being held 5 minutes from our house! That part was awesome! We got there at 1:00 (trial started today at 9:00) and didn't run our first run until 4:30! Mom was super panicked because both our events were happening at the same time. She walked the JWW course and then had to go over and walk the STD course and warn the gate stewards that we might have a conflict. We were ok and ran our EXC A JWW run first. It went really well - I was happy to finally be doing something! We Q'ed and got 2nd place!!

Then it was straight over to the other ring for Open STD. We waited a little bit - fortunate for mom who was gasping for air from running the first time! Our Open run went well too - except for the refusal at the chute - but I did it! And we actually made time! Q and 3rd place! WooHoo!!!

The field turf surface is very good - it does get all over your feet and shoes and sheltie fur like newly-mown grass. We weren't expecting that part. The facility was really nice except did you notice in the video the basketball playing going on behind the see-through mesh curtains?

We didn't go through trying to convert the video to avi today so that it would work in the WMM. So sorry about the no-frills, black background, horrible Flip software editing! And the movie took forever to upload to YouTube because I guess the mp4 makes much bigger files. Maybe the actual video quality is better?

Well tomorrow the trial starts at 8:00 so we should be done a little earlier! This will be our first time doing two days of a trial with two runs both days. But I feel really good and I had fun today and I think tomorrow is going to be fun too!

Gotta zoom!


PS. Grandma came with us again today - I really like having her there! Thanks grandma!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a GREAT job Rikhky!

I mean, if I were there, as soon as that leash khame off, I'd be playing basketball!

Good lukhk tomorrow!

I'm glad YOUR 'Doggy Nanny' went too!


Diana said...

Congrats!! You guys were awesome and make it look so easy. Looks like a great place to have a trial except maybe the basketball players. Good luck today. Diana

Sara said...

YEA RICKY!!!!!! You guys did awesome!!!! Oreo would have been a wreck with all those people playing sports around him.

Your dogwalk was super! Congratulations on your double Q!

Good luck today!

Dawn said...

Yea Ricky! You sure do love that dogwalk don't you! You speed way way up on that, Mom had to race to keep up! Good luck today!

Kathy said...

First to the more unimportant stuff, the video quality looked great, and I am really thinking I need to do more distraction training because I wonder what my dogs would do with the basket ball right there, that was wild, but it sure did not seem to phase Ricky!!!

The important stuff, WOOOOOO HOOOOOO, and CONGRATS! that was terrific. Congrats on the two Q's, nd I was holding my breath at that chute, but what a brave trooper Ricky was to pull it together and just go for it-AWESOME. Really neat Grandma was there to support and cheer bet that helped make the whole thing even more fun, so good luck and hope things go just as well tomorrow-GOOD JOB AND GO ZOOM!!!!!!

Marie said...

Great job! You did a fantastic running while they were playing basketball on the other side. That's a tough distraction!