Monday, December 14, 2009

For Diana

I just found Gabrielle Blackburn's YouTube channel - ZingQ - this weekend! Zing is possibly the fastest agility dog I have ever seen! Gabrielle is an awesome handler! She has three dogs - two Border Collies, Zing and Quiz, and a Sheltie named Q. All three obviously love the game!

This video made me think of Diana and Miley and all the issues they have with the table and with Miley being fast and crazy and totally in love with agility, and I thought Diana might like to see that she is not alone! Sit back and enjoy this one:

If you didn't know about Zing, watch some of the other videos when you have a chance. They are amazing!

Gotta zoom!



Lian said...

Q is a fantastic sheltie! I've been following Gabrielle's youtube for a while and I just loved to watch Q's run. He is such a powerful sheltie.

elbouwii said...

:D love the video ;D
was sooooo funny!!!

El'bow & Hauwii

Sara said...

Holy crap!

I think that made me really appreciate my slow-mo, velcro, scaredy dog. I'd be clueless.

That dog is awesome (so is Miley).

Kathy said...

Zing is my Breezes brother and littermate, he is a great dog!

Kathy said...

OH forgot to say that Q got his MACH and is working on MACH 2, so it all came together beautifully even though they had their training issues to start ;-).

Diana said...

Thanks Ricky! I was laughing my head off with the going around the the table at the begining of the video. Thanks, Diana

Dawn said...

WOW! I couldn't even keep my eye on the dog he was so fast!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Kathy - that's too cool that Breeze and Zing are related! Flash (their dad) lives near here and that's how I found Zing's youtube channel. I did watch enough videos to see how great a dog Q is! All three of her dogs are fantastic! I liked the bloopers video because it showed that even great dogs have some issues!

Nat said...

I love Gabrielle's vids, she's an awesome trainer and handler!