Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tricky T-Day

We decided to try to improve on my "dig" trick this week. I am now digging with both paws!

Silvia Trkman posted her thoughts about why it's important to teach tricks to your dogs - the link will take you to her website - then click on "news" on the left-hand side and then go to the update posted on June 20. It's a great post and it also includes some advice on teaching a few of her best tricks! What she does with her dogs is so inspiring to us!

It's already super hot here! We had our morning walk and about 15 minutes of backyard practice and now I'm trying to cool off in the a/c.

Gotta zoom!



Sara said...

Good job Ricky, you're so cute!

It is supposed to be HOT here today too.

Thanks for sharing the link to Silivia Trkman. That was a great article. She's amazing.

Nat said...

Adorable!! (As always!)

We loves Silvia's training, it's what we base all our training on. She's the best!


Diana said...

Great trick. Diana

Bree and Reilly said...

you are the superest little dude, clever and handsome to boot !!!

Marie said...

Hey, that's really great that you're digging with both paws now! Thanks for sharing the Silvia Trkman link too.

Johann The Dog said...

Hey Ricky, nice job! You'll be visiting our friends in China soon, BOL!!