Wednesday, May 20, 2009

7 Things

Dawn and Katie tagged us to play the "7 things I love most" game. So I'll try to name some things I love that I don't normally talk about (like we all know I love chasing cars, barking, chicken, etc.):

#1. the mail - I jump all over mom and bark wildly when she brings in the mail.
#2. paper towels - the sound of one being torn off the roll sends me into a frenzy
#3. squirt bottle - this often comes out in conjunction with the paper towel
#4. shower - when mom says she's gonna take a shower, I get all excited and jump and bark
#5. shoes - if mom is getting ready to go some where, I attack her shoes (on or off her feet)
#6. purse - when mom comes home, I bark at and try to bite at her purse
#7. lettuce - I go crazy and whine and run around the room when mom gets out salad fixings

Yes, I know these are weird "likes"! Can't explain them - they are what they are!

Mom and I tried all day yesterday to get YouTube to upload a video so we could post about what's been going on. Maybe it will work today!

Gotta zoom,



Dawn said...

Hey Ricky! I think that shelties get to be as weird as they like, because they are so CUTE! Thanks for sharing some of your favorite things! Katie does a lot of those, though not the lettuce thing!

Diana said...

Those are funny things Ricky likes. Try using those things or words to get him excited running agility. See what works. Hey , it cant hurt. Lol Diana

Bree and Reilly said...

those are great things.......and it's fun to see how we connect one thing with another. I get all excited if mom goes to the bathroom....cause mom ALWAYS goes to the bathroom before she goes that of coarse means she is going something and thus I am going somewhere...see .....all our 'crazy things' have reason behind them

Brittany said...

I LOVE squirt bottles too!! I go nuts when mom gets one out!


Sara said...

You have some pretty wacky 7 things Ricky! You are too cute.

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

sounds pretty typical Sheltie to me! I don't do all of them, but they all seem pretty normal and logical.
your pal, Morgan