Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why no camera when you need it!

Too bad mom didn't bring the video camera to yesterday's agility class! It was the last one for this session (maybe the last one until the Fall because the building gets really hot in the summer and the instructor won't teach when it's hot - well, I won't do agility when it's hot either), and there was an awesome course set up and I ran it three times! The course wasn't too easy but it wasn't too difficult either. Mom was able to just walk it 1 1/2 times and she knew what she planned to do. The first time through we did great - I was pretty fast and very confident. The only mistake came when mom forgot where the second to last jump was and had to move and redirect me. Other than that it would've been perfect! Second time through mom handled it the same and corrected herself at the end, so if I remember correctly, it was perfect! Then for the third time mom decided to try some different handling - a lead out, some rear crosses instead of front crosses, the other side for the weaves - well, the lead out worked great, I missed a tunnel/aframe discrimation because I didn't read mom as well and she ran past the aframe before I committed to it (she needs to keep saying to herself - like a mantra - "don't go on until Ricky commits to the obstacle!") - but other than that things went well again. We were very excited and are feeling much more confident for Saturday's trial! It's also a good feeling when you hear other people in the class saying things like, "Ricky's looking good" or "Nice run".

Other than agility (cause we've also been practicing in the backyard almost every day too) we have been going on walks - two different and really fun pet trails and also my favorite park - on Saturday we went to grandpa and grandma's and visited and had dinner, and on Sunday we went to a Pet Expo. I had never been any where like it - loud, crowded with people and dogs, smelly, and LOUD - did I already mention the loud part? It was held in a convention center and there were exhibits and booths of things to buy and demonstrations of dog training, rescue groups, etc. Our club volunteers to be in the shows and we went partly to see if we liked it and might want to volunteer to be in the show next year. We're undecided about that - because it was so LOUD! But it was a good experience for me, I guess. I was a very good boy and stayed right next to mom (she protected me from getting stepped on) and only snuck a couple tiny pieces of yummy somethings off the floor (and I could've eaten non-stop the whole time!).

We're enjoying the spring weather on the days when it feels like spring - our grass is greening up and star magnolias are blooming as well as daffodils and even some tulips. Looks like regular magnolias and flowering trees like crabapples will bloom soon! This morning we had a migrant Eastern Towhee in our backyard scratching away at leaves. If it's not yet looking like spring where you are, we hope it will soon!

Gotta zoom!



Diana said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Its always nice to get compliments from others in the class. Diana

Abby and Aiden said...

Been keeping really busy Ricky! Very impressed that you practice your agility so much!

Sara said...

Glad you had a good class. Seems to me like you've had several really good classes in a row! You must be working your butt off Ricky :)

They are having a pet Expo here next weekend, in an underground concourse - where evey sound echoes like crazy. Dogs aren't allowed, unless they are
"participants". Oreo and Misty would hate it - due to the noise level.

Dawn said...

Good job Ricky!! You are going to be GREAT this weekend! I think new experiences, given they are under control, are good. Glad Mom kept you from getting stepped on. No one notices little dogs, do they!

I always see one Eastern Towhee under my feeder each spring. It's such a delight to see him (or her??) I wish they weren't just flying through. Haven't seen them yet, and our daffodils are only about 2 inches out of the ground here. Certainly nothing is blooming yet, but you give us hope!

Ludo van puppy said...

Sounds like you did great at the class Ricky. I thinks it would be good for you to volunteer at the expo next year too.

Good luck at the trial!
~lickies, Ludo

Bree/Reilly said...

you are Mr Diligent Doggie with all your agility practice, but it is lots of fun and its a great way to meet other doggies and get the occasional treat to.